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My name is NOT Catherine

By on August 25, 2011

Just gotta rant here about Starbucks (SM City Batangas branch).

It’s something minor, really. but it really really pisses me off. For the nth time people, my friggin’ name is Nathalie. NOT Catherine. Clean your ears sometime, would you? Or listen to the one in front of the counter instead of ogling at the Caucasian lady who went before me like you’ve never seen real blond hair before. It’s disgusting, really. So you people have absolutely NO right to look amused or contemptuous if I do not get up from my seat to retrieve the blasted coffee at the bar since you are calling someone else’s name and I have no idea it was me you were supposedly calling. Geez.

I should have just said Anne to the moron at the counter.

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