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2020 BuJo: K-1 Visa Journey Page

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Copelle Gold

2020 Bullet Journal

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Pilot Metropolitan ver. 2.0

My Pilot Metropolitan ver. 2.0

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Life in the US | Love, Relationship and Marriage | Reality

Life so far

April 2, 2020
040120 Life so far

That photo pretty much sums up my situation right now: me in my comfy pj’s, semi-neglected pedicure and slippers, taking in the cold outside, and straddling the line between light and dark..

So I have been here for a coupla weeks now, stuck at home to avoid getting coronavirus. Thankfully (or not), he is stuck at home as well since his workplace is currently closed. So we’re together pretty much 24/7;  it means we can hug or kiss or goof around whenever we feel like it. So far we’re like a coupla kids playing house. 🤣 It hasn’t driven any of us crazy (or crazier) so I guess that’s a good thing. 😁

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Hello America!

March 21, 2020
hello america

It’s been some time since my last update. Much has happened, not the least of which is my big move from the Philippines to the United States of America. The journey was not without its share of delays and setbacks, but I got here just fine so I guess it all worked out somehow. And just in time too, as the coronavirus disease has borders locking down left and right.

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K-1 Visa | Love, Relationship and Marriage | Reality

Approved, finally!

December 22, 2019

USCIS approved

Can I just say that this news makes us soooo happy? It took 107 days of waiting, but here it is now. *cue happy dance* Our journey is far from over, but this is a definite milestone.

There’s another bout of waiting for USCIS to send our case to NVC, and from there to the local embassy/consulate, before I can schedule my medical and interview. I have already started gathering documents needed for the interview though. Because, you know, excited. 🤩


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K-1 Visa | Love, Relationship and Marriage | Reality

This Interminable Wait

December 11, 2019

As I posted before, my fiancé and I applied for a K-1 visa during the last week of August. We got the receipt notice on the first week of September, and have been waiting since for the approval of our case. It has now been 97 days (US time) and the work day has ended with no update on our case yet.

To be fair, we’re still in the early stages of waiting since according to USCIS, the processing times for K-1 visas in the California Service Center (CSC) is 5.5 to 7.5 months:

USCIS processing times

However, basing on info from VisaJourney and posts from various FB visa groups, the recent waiting period for approval is around 3-4 months. Right now we’re at a little past the 3-month mark. I have so far seen others with the same timeline get approved in the last coupla days, so I’m really hoping ours would get approved soon as well. The waiting is killing me; patience never was one of my strong points.


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K-1 Visa | Love, Relationship and Marriage | Reality

First Step towards a Life Together

August 31, 2019

So, yeah. Finally we got around to officially starting our K-1 visa journey. Yey! He just sent in our I129-F packet yesterday via USPS. We initially planned to file sometime during the first quarter of the year, but life happened and several things came up hence the delay. Anywho. The important thing is we’ve started the ball rolling. We should hear from USCIS by next week once they receive our packet. Excited! 🤩

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