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Dreamland Arts & Crafts Cafe

April 20, 2015

041915 DACC

By Indie Green Culture
Open daily from 8am-10pm.
Located at 149 Yakal St. Villa Lourdes Subd. Purok 5 Brgy. Tambo, Lipa City

I first heard about this place from a good friend, Bonzai. She’s into healthy stuff and in her search for healthy places to eat, she stumbled upon their Facebook page. We’ve been planning to go here for the longest time together with the third person of our triumvirate, Maya, but so far we haven’t gotten the chance yet.

But the other week, I met up with my best friends and we decided to check out this place. It’s really funky and cool, giving off that free-spirited boho vibe. Definitely a good place to chill out. There’s no WiFi because they believe in good, old-fashioned human connections not relying on technology. In other words, sharing stories over good food and coffee or tea (whichever suits your fancy, anyway they have both). Or perhaps playing sungka like Ktle and Francine here.

041915 chillin at DACC

041915 retro kid

Now, the food. Between us five, we ordered a burger, chicken wrap and three types of pasta (spaghetti, lasagna and baked mac), plus a pitcher of honey kalamansi juice. We wanted the honey lemonade, but unfortunately for us, it wasn’t available at that time. Oh well. The servings were quite hefty. I didn’t even manage to finish my baked mac and I was really hungry. But then maybe because that’s because I kept swiping potato crisps and wedges from the others’ plates. 😛

041915 baked mac

I just gotta mention, we all tasted everyone else’s food and we agreed that the three pasta dishes all taste pretty much the same. On the good side, they all taste good; on the other, a bit more variety would have been nice too.

We stuck around even after finishing the food and moved to another table because of Francine. I ordered a hot mocha because I have pretty much gotten used to drinking hot coffee after meals. The mocha cost P80 and we were all stunned when it arrived.

041915 mocha

There may not seem to be be anything out of the ordinary with this cup of mocha at first glance. But when you look at it in this context…

041915 giant mocha

Yes, the mug is THAT big. Full of sweet whipped cream and chocolatey coffee goodness. *sigh* For this mocha alone, I’d whole-heartedly recommend the place. All four of us [adults] were able to share the mocha. Oh, and yes, that’s the same cup of coffee in my sidebar. 😉 And then they ordered hot choco too, which is just as huge and what Francine’s trying to drink in the photo.

I’d like to try their desserts too next time. So yes, there’s definitely going to be a next time for me. Definitely going back there. 🙂

coffee siggy

    1. Mama ordered the burger, said it was okay but Patty Batangas was better. Parang KFC Twister daw yung chicken wrap. Didn’t try it because it had veggies. 😛

      1. I agree po (and i havent tried BG Burger, they say na yun daw po ang most promising eh) 🙂 Pero sometimes, I just order the tacos, worth it for me. I wonder if magkakasabay po ulit tayo ng punta/kain dun 😛 hihi

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