First, let me formally welcome you all to my new blog. Like your quirky, off-beat neighborhood coffee shop, I hope you find my little online nook a cozy place to hang out. Come look around, find something you like, and then chill some. 🙂


Coincidentally, I got this domain the day I took that photo at He Brews Cafe. A portent of sorts, now that I can see clearly in hindsight. You see, while importing the contents of my old blog was a quick and painless affair, choosing a new theme and layout was another matter altogether. It would have been easy to just let it stay the same, but that just somehow doesn’t feel right. So after trying on and discarding dozens of themes, I finally settled on this one and then gave it my own personal touches. It’s not what I would have initially said was my style, but I’m pretty much happy with the way it turned out. Especially since coffee is a HUGE part of my everyday life.

Like countless others, I am a certified caffeine-addicted citizen of earth. I love brewed coffee, but since I have yet to buy kapeng Barako from the market of Taal (something that always slips my mind), I make do with instant coffee during working days. I keep several different kinds, but my favorite as of the moment is Nescafé Cappuccino, with Kopiko LA Coffee a close second. Every day I consume 2-4 cups, depending on my moods. And when all else fails and I run out, the vending machine’s Cafe Mocha is just a few convenient feet away out the office door. 😉

So it is not a big surprise that the current iteration of my blog is in honor of my lifeblood favorite beverage. Now, let’s drink to that.

coffee siggy

P.S. How do you like my new signature? That’s my actual handwriting and coffee doodle, digitized and stylized specifically to match the blog’s new theme. 😉

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