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Review: Limelight Sketch Book

By on May 25, 2017
Limelight sketch book

Confession: This is a product of my hoarder tendencies in action. See, I already have an art journal, a ream of practice paper, a calligraphy practice notebook, a mini-tower of a memo pad, 2 dotted notebooks, and an extra planner which I also use for calligraphy practice. That is already more than enough. That is, in fact, already too much. *cringe* But no, when I saw this available at the local National Bookstore, I just had to get myself one or die of wanting.

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My Simple Skincare Regimen

By on August 25, 2015

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to skincare I am lazy as fuck. I tend to get interested in a certain product, try it out and [maybe] like it, use it semi-regularly for about a week or two, miss one day and then just stop altogether out of sheer laziness. Not the best attitude when it comes to skincare, and truthfully I consider myself really lucky my skin hasn’t rebelled and filled my face with spots and warts out of sheer spite. My skin is by no means perfect, but I somehow still pass for a normal person so I’m good with that. For now. 😛

BUT. I am not getting any younger and even I know my skin won’t always behave as it’s supposed to. So I decided it’s high time I set even the simplest skincare regimen to give my sorta-neglected skin some much-needed TLC. And that means I now pretty much regularly use these:


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Batangas Burgers, Part 1

By on May 27, 2015

Like I said before, there’s an overabundance of burger joints popping up all over Batangas. Most, I stumble upon while scrolling my social media feeds. The power of social media in marketing is really amazing, I gotta say. Anywho, while I still haven’t tried the burger that started it all (dammit!), I have so far managed to try some of the newer ones. Do take note that I am mostly carnivorous so I always opt not to put any greens/veggies in all my burgers. And I almost always add extra bacon. 😉

And without further ado, here are the burgers I’ve tried. You may click on the coffee shop names to get redirected to their official web or Facebook page. Aside from the top two, they are arranged in no particular order. First up, of course, is…

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