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My name is NOT Catherine

August 25, 2011

Just gotta rant here about Starbucks (SM City Batangas branch).

It’s something minor, really. but it really really pisses me off. For the nth time people, my friggin’ name is Nathalie. NOT Catherine. Clean your ears sometime, would you? Or listen to the one in front of the counter instead of ogling at the Caucasian lady who went before me like you’ve never seen real blond hair before. It’s disgusting, really. So you people have absolutely NO right to look amused or contemptuous if I do not get up from my seat to retrieve the blasted coffee at the bar since you are calling someone else’s name and I have no idea it was me you were supposedly calling. Geez.

I should have just said Anne to the moron at the counter.

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May 31, 2011

I have not been well physically, mentally and emotionally this past week. On top of that, I have started working (night shift) which just added to the stress and left me cranky and just plain out of sorts. Hence, I missed 3 days of my Project 365 and now have no idea if I should compensate, carry on or just start over. Geez. The stress. 😐

It all started with the lab test, I think, where I found out my blood sugar level is higher than normal. Things started to go downhill from there, leading to my strictly no-sugar diet. Which depresses the hell out of me since I have practically been subsisting in chocolates and sweets these past few months that I am banned off coffee which used to be the lifeblood coursing through my veins. As it is, I practically have nothing left to eat. I even have to scrimp on rice. No wonder I have practically no energy at all these days. Mama says it even looks like I have lost weight. This is the first time that that news is not good news to me. 🙁

Ranting aside (or not), I seem to have lost my mojo for blogging too. And most everything else for that matter. All I want to do is lie down and sleep. Nothing much to look forward to when I’m awake anyway. I never realized until now just how much I enjoy eating, now that I cannot eat the food I love. Sadness.


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Health, Wellness & Beauty

Feelin’ good ^_^

September 3, 2010

For some weird but oh-so-wonderful reason, I am NOT gaining weight despite the fact that I have been eating a heck of a lot more than my usual–and that’s quite saying something, mind you. Like I mentioned before, I eat quite a lot for a girl. Whereas before I only eat about half a cup of rice per day, I now eat, like, three cups all in all. That’s one for the morning break, another for the afternoon break, and another when I eat after work. Throw in chocolates, sweets, some pasta here and there and lots of coffee and that about sums up my current non-diet. Haha.

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