Analog Year

These days it’s so easy to get caught up with technology. Like, I pick up my phone to set a reminder and the next thing I know.. it’s 30 minutes later, I’ve checked and rechecked my social media feed, liked, hearted, and commented, and totally forgotten why I picked up the phone in the first place. That ever happen to you as well? It’s annoying, really. And frankly, quite disturbing too.


Unlimited, but not really

Pretty decal, ain’t it? Didn’t want to put my name on the case (I find it kinda vulgar not so tasteful, sorry) so I just put in myΒ 2016 Personal Theme.Β And yeah, I obviously haven’t moved on from Me Before You yet. πŸ˜‰ Got it from Incroyable Cases by the way, just in case you got interested. And no, sadly, I was not paid for that plug. πŸ™ πŸ˜›


Wish List / Dream Board

So my birthday has passed and there’s only Christmas to look forward to [in terms of gifts]. And old mature (or not πŸ˜› ) as I now am, I still do like having something to look forward to. I mean, the occasion itself has already lost its magic for me, so.. but that’s another entire topic which I have no intention of discussing right now.

Anywho. I have made a couple of wish lists before (this and this), and thankfully I did end up actually getting at least an item or two from those listed. Nice, right? πŸ˜‰ So this year I am making another one. Although this one kinda doubles as a dream board too since I do plan on getting these eventually, wish or no. Ready?

A sturdy, classic stand mixer

dream stand mixers
Collaged photos taken from Google image search.


I Won’t Give Up


I will be the first to admit that I am not the perfect girlfriend or partner. I have too much emotional excess baggage, am prone to bouts of depression and neurotic episodes and made some pretty fantastically bad decisions in my life. And in one of those episodes earlier, I all but threw every good thing he’s done to me to his face. Not one of my proudest moments, but it did result in a good thing.


Google, find my phone

So ako na nga ang huli sa balita (ng isang buwan!) at ngayon ko lang nalaman to. πŸ˜› Apparently, you can now find your Android phone through Google, similar to Apple’s own ‘Find my iPhone’ feature. All you need is a browser and your logged-in Google account (obviously the same one logged-in in your Android phone). BUT. The GPS and Wifi/mobile data must be active on the Android phone you’re trying to find in order for it to be located by Google.

I tried it earlier while at the office. I was able to quite accurately locate the phone (just beside me) then ring it up. Interesting to note that it rings loudly even if it’s on silent mode. From my testing, the result has less margin of error when located using mobile data than when using WiFi. Look:


A Mother’s Letter to Her Teenage Daughter

This is a heart-felt letter I found in my Facebook news feed. Too good not to share. Without further ado, here it is:

PARA SA AKING MGA ANAK at sa lahat ng mga Kabataan.

Walang katumbas na saya ng nararamdaman sa tuwing makikita ang crush mo. Ang dahilan kung bakit maaga ka papasok sa school at kahit masakit-sakit ang dulo ng daliri ay hindi mag-absent … at hindi makikita si crush. Nagiging inspirasyon sa bawat araw na dumaraan, parang ayaw mo ng matapos ang maghapon. Subalit bakit ba nagagalit ang mga magulang sa tuwing pag-uusapan ang bagay na ito? Sapagkat kapag napapa-seryoso at minsan ay napapa-iba ng focus ang atensyon na dapat ay laan sa pag-aaral. Naranasan ko na din yan kaya hindi pwedeng sabihin na kill-joy ako, iba ang panahon namin nung kami ang kabataan. Sa bente pesos na baon ko ay tipid-tipid ko maghapon. Nariyan maubusan ng papel at naghingalo ang ballpen … dun ko pa din kukunin sa bente pesos. Minsan or malimit hindi na ako nakakapag recess kasi pag kumain pa ako ng recess hindi na ako makaka-uwe at wala ng pamasahe. Nakatapos ako ng College sa tulong ng nagmagandang loob na kamag anak na matulungan akong makapag aral sa kurso kong napili. Apat na taon, bente pesos pa rin. Ngayon na nagkaroon na ako ng pamilya at teenager na mga anak ay ranas ko ang pag-aalaga at pagdi-disiplina sa kanila … full-time mom ika nga. Walang iba na nag-alaga ng aking mga anak kundi ako lang kaya alam ko ang nararamdaman nila sa unang tingin pa lang. Masarap magmahal kapag ikaw na ang gagastos ng iyong pang-date at hindi na hihingi pa sa magulang. Nakakalungkot mang isipin na nagagalit ang aking mga anak sa tuwing pagsasabihan sila, kontrabida na ang ina. Mahal na mahal ko kayo kaya lahat ay ginagawa para mapag-aral kayo. Magtapos ng pag-aaral. Lahat ng bagay ay may tamang oras at panahon. HINDI PRANING SI MOMMY. Inihahanda ko lamang kayo sa mas magandang buhay … sabi nga ng iba, papunta pa lang kayo … pabalik na kami. Yun nga lang …. hindi tayo nagkasalubong kasi HIGH TECH na ang dinadaanan nyo ngayon.

Were you able to relate too? πŸ™‚

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