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Black Dr. Martens Combat Boots

July 20, 2020
Dr. Martens Combs Kids

So my new Docs arrived an hour ago and I am one happy girl! I have always wanted black Docs, but didn’t really want to spend too much. Those things can be hella expensive (especially when you’re unemployed like me right now). But I still looked and looked anyway, and found a cheaper alternative at the kids’ section. 😆 And here they are, my Dr. Martens (Kid’s Collection) Combs! Me and my tiny-ass feet.. 🤣

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Calling Credit Card Hotlines from the Province on the Cheap!

June 7, 2019
Calling Credit Card Hotlines from the Province on the Cheap

This post serves as a guide for fellow promdis like me who use credit cards and need to occasionally call their hotlines for one matter or another (and not rack up huge mobile phone bills in the process).

To give you a brief background, I grew up in the city with a PLDT landline (telebabad was life back then) but then later moved to a sorta rural municipality with no telephones. Cellphones were starting to be a thing then, so most households opted for cellphones instead and never bothered to get old-school landline telephones. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Fast forward to today, and I have several credit cards which I use for #adulting and all that shizz. There are times when I need to call the credit card company, like when a card was not delivered or when I need to inquire or clarify something. And while calling from my mobile is feasible, it pains me to rack up a huge phone bill while going through the automated menu and waiting to talk to a human operator. 😭 This is especially annoying when the waiting time turns out to be much longer than the actual conversation itself. 😫

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Review: HopShopGo

May 8, 2019

I am no stranger to online shopping. Aside from groceries, most of my other purchases are online. For one thing, it’s usually cheaper than buying at the malls. Also, because of my provincial location, most of the stuff I like can only be found online.

Locally, my usual “haunts” are Shopee and Lazada. Occasionally, I buy from international shops as well, mostly from the US. Shipping from the US to the Philippines could cost more than the purchase itself, so I rely on cargo forwarders to save on shipping costs. In the past, I have used (LBC) Shipping Cart and My Shopping Box. The latter’s rates are cheaper, but Shipping Cart provides a more comprehensive tracking. To their credit, they both delivered on time.

Recently, I had the chance to use another cargo forwarder, HopShopGo. It’s tied up with Paypal (which I use and deem pretty legit) so I figured they oughtta be decent as well. Their rates are higher than both Shipping Cart and MSB’s but they had a pretty sweet deal at the time of $1 shipping for the first half kilo. I had an Amazon voucher so I used that to buy a Roku Express, which is pretty small and light, and had it delivered to my HopShopGo address in Portland, Oregon.

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The Cheapskate’s Guide to Starting Pointed Pen Calligraphy

May 12, 2017
cheapskates guide to pointed pen calligraphy

The title pretty much says it all, yeah? ? Though I have hoarder tendencies (especially when it comes to art supplies), I also have this compulsion to canvass each and every piece I wanna buy to see if there’s a cheaper alternative, or if it’s sold cheaper somewhere else. This way, I have been able to procure much of my stuff at less cost than if I’d gotten them, say, from the mall. Mostly though, I do my shopping online so it’s much easier to research and compare prices. That, and there’s basically none to be found here in the province. #promdifeels

Anyway. Pointed pen calligraphy or dip pen calligraphy is something I only started doing pretty recently. I am obviously no expert here; I only speak for my limited experience and basic knowledge as a fellow newbie. Without further ado, here are the basic things you need to start:

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Savings Tracker

December 28, 2016

Expenses are a necessary evil. I mean, who really wants to go around throwing money away, right? But bills have to be paid, food must be bought.. you know the drill. I will be the first to admit that I suck at money management so half the time I have no clear idea where my salary went and end up short. And so when there are unexpected expenses, I barely manage to get by.

So this coming year, I want to be on top of my finances. It’s gonna take serious effort and some creative planning, but with the envelop budgeting system firmly in place and careful logging on my BuJo, I should be able to actually do it. To supplement the envelop system, I borrowed Kara of Boho Berry‘s Savings Goals Tracker from here. Once again, I made the table on the computer, meticulously measured and scaled to fit my BuJo as another Dutch door attachment. ?

savings tracker sample

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Globe GCash beep MasterCard

November 8, 2016

No credit card? No problem! ☺

And no, this is not a sponsored or advertorial post either. I just happen to quite like the convenience of using this prepaid card. This is not my first prepaid card though, it just happens to be the one I’m using right now when I felt like blogging about it. ?

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SCAM ALERT: Fake PRC transaction regarding renewal of license

August 10, 2016

In our group chat, a couple of my friends (both Mechanical Engineers) reported that they got the same FB messages from a certain Alfredo Po and Rodrigo F. Balaqui, Jr. regarding the clearance of their PRC licenses.

From there, I was already dubious. I was like, what clearance of license? And why use FB messenger for a supposedly official transaction? Upon checking, I learned that Alfredo Po was the name of a dismissed PRC Commissioner who apparently took his title ‘commissioner’ to heart and got fired for extortion. And there was indeed a Rodrigo F. Balaqui, Jr. currently at PRC; however, he is the Tuguegarao Regional Office Director, not from the Legal Services department. So I asked one of them to forward the ‘official’ email so I could see all the details aside from their screenshots. Here’s the email:

The email was from [email protected], which was not the email posted in PRC’s website under the transparency seal. Likewise, the cc’d email of Rodrigo F. Balaqui, which was [email protected]. The email’s contents were frankly alarming as they asked for sensitive information and photo–enough data for a thorough identity theft. Furthermore, the ‘clearance fees’ were to be deposited to a BDO account. PRC, being a government agency, should/would probably have or use a government bank (like Landbank or DPB) for official transactions, not a commercial one like BDO. The said fees amounting to Php 3,160.00, while not insignificant in and of itself, is nothing compared to the wealth of trouble my friend would have been in because of the amount of personal data they wanted to collect.

It was more than enough to convince us that the whole shebang is an elaborate scam. Still, I looked around the PRC website, then the news, just to see if anything would corroborate. And lo and behold:

Fake transaction regarding renewal of licenseScreenshot of

Long story short, it was a scam. Someone, or several someones, may be using the names of those men (Alfredo Po, Rodrigo F. Balaqui, Jr. and Atty. Eugenio L. Riego II) for their illegal and fraudulent activities. And I am ever so glad my friends consulted our group before doing anything.

Please spread this information because more likely than not, a lot more professionals were also targeted by this modus operandi.

coffee siggy

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