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July 25, 2017

I’m having a sick day off, and since my daughter’s classes has yet to start in a coupla weeks, I got to spend the whole day with her. Simple things, like preparing her lunch and milk, drawing with her.. non-strenuous stuff like that.

So she takes a bath, but before that, she put out clothes to wear after. We had a mild disagreement. After one too many episodes of DC Super Hero Girls, she had this idea that she’s a Tiger Warrior. And Tiger Warriors apparently wore outfits like this:

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Starbucks Planner X Bullet Journal

December 14, 2016

So I have been using a tiny generic planner for the last two years now. And even with the cramped space, I find that I still have quite a lot of gaping blank spaces all over the planner. Most entries are just the usual events like birthdays and holidays, and then book and movie releases, and then the occasional coffee date or two with friends. I live an utterly boring life, I know. So there’s really no sensible reason to upgrade to another kind of planner.

BUT. Starbucks Philippines released their 2017 planners and I fell in love with the Siren planner, uneventful life be damned. I mean, just look at this beauty. ?

Starbucks 2017 Siren PlannerAnd yeah, I painted my nails to match the cover. ?

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Purple Photochromic Specs

May 24, 2016

So after more than a decade of solely using contact lenses, I decided to take a [sort of] risk and go back to using old school specs. There are a number of reasons why I preferred using contacts to glasses, one of which is because my eyes are a bit photosensitive so I have to wear sunglasses when going out lest I trigger a migraine attack–something which I cannot do if I’m wearing eyeglasses. And not wearing corrective lenses just for the sake of using sunglasses would render me severely visually impaired–my eyesight is just that bad.


Too chicken to do a selfie. Solution: pose with my daughter!

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