So I bought a pair of badly-needed work shoes earlier. I have been searching for a suitable pair for weeks now, but couldn’t find a pair I like that does not cost too much. There were some styles I liked at the department store which were pretty cheap, but none came in my size. Bummer. Anywho, so when I saw this earlier and they had my size, I quickly snapped up the opportunity:


It’s (obviously) my size. I like the style: not outright attention-grabbing, but not too boring either. It cost only P559. But here’s the catch: it’s obviously a knock-off.

Now, while I am no fashionista, I don’t live under a rock either not to know an obvious fake when I see one. And while I don’t actively condone the whole “replica” business, I have no qualms buying a knock-off or two out of need. I repeat: need. Because like I said before, it was just simply something that fit the criteria of the item I needed to buy. I honestly would have bought a P150 sale pair of generic ballet flats from the department store if the pair I liked came in my size. But there was none to be had so I had to look somewhere else. And this is what I found, so, tough.

I don’t know about you, but it all boils down to motive, I guess. Personally, I am kinda iffy of those trying-hard fashionistas who buy knock-offs just so they could get on with the trend but could not afford the real deal. But if it’s something you need that unfortunately just happens to be a knock-off/replica/fake/what-have-you, I deem pardonable. And I’m not just saying that to justify buying this pair of ballet flats, honest to God.

How about you, how do you feel about replicas?

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4 thoughts on “To fake or not to fake

  1. I don’t buy replica (actually I seldom buy anything… hehe), but if something “branded” is given to me, I don’t bother to investigate its authenticity. I just use it if I need it. 😉

    by the way, nice theme and congrats on the dot com thing. 😉

    1. Thanks sis! The dot-com thingie was a favor from a friend. 🙂

      Lucky you, the queen of minimalism. 😉 Like I said, I need work shoes and they don’t exactly grow on trees so I had to go buy a pair. Haha. Was trying to minimize cost, hence, not caring about the “brand” or anything.

  2. I’d rather buy generic items than replicas. If I can’t afford to buy the authentic ones, I wouldn’t settle for fakes din. Love your new blog sis!

    1. Thanks sis, and for visiting too! I am no fan of replicas either, but I’m not that, uhm, principled, to not buy one if I need it and have no other alternatives.

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