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Patty Batangas

April 21, 2015

If you live in or around Batangas City and happen to like burgers, then you probably know whose burgers these are:

You got it, these are from Patty Batangas. 🙂

For some reason, the last few months saw the sudden rise of burger joints in Batangas City. I think it started with the special homemade grilled-patty burger from BG Burgers at Greenwoods Subdivision sometime last year. Then burger joints started popping up all over the city, each boasting their own special patties and sauces. But for some reason or another, I never really got caught up in the craze.

Recently though, I was craving for something new so I figured I might as well try one of the newer burger places nearby. So Patty Batangas it is, accessible and easily found right in front of TESDA. Mama and I went for the CHZ BRGR, she with the additional tacos (see photo above). They have unlimited ice tea for all meals by the way, which is cool. Here’s the menu for reference:


(Photo grabbed from Patty Batangas FB page)

Like I said, I have not really gone burger-hopping so I can’t make any comparison between these and other grilled-patty burgers. But suffice it to say that the burgers here taste great, what with the grilled patty having that distinct smoky flavor. My mouth’s watering right now as I’m thinking about it, geez. I have been here several time already and so far my favorite is the COMBI BRGR (minus the veggies plus extra bacon because I’m carnivorous, rawr!) with fries meal.



The place itself is pretty small but cozy. The walls are almost already filled with colorful notes left by satisfied patrons. Obviously, it’s one of the more popular burger joints in town, and for good reason. 😉

I wonder which burger I’ll try next?

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  1. there’s a new one in front Jovita Cafe, and I saw one in front of Bolbok Brgy Hall, beside Villa Penafrancia too Ate N. 🙂 But haven’t tried them yet.

    1. Haven’t seen the one in front of Jovita, but I’ve seen the one in front of Bolbok Barangay Hall. It’s called Jc’s Garage Burger but I haven’t tried it yet. Have you? 🙂

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