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Review: HopShopGo

May 8, 2019

I am no stranger to online shopping. Aside from groceries, most of my other purchases are online. For one thing, it’s usually cheaper than buying at the malls. Also, because of my provincial location, most of the stuff I like can only be found online.

Locally, my usual “haunts” are Shopee and Lazada. Occasionally, I buy from international shops as well, mostly from the US. Shipping from the US to the Philippines could cost more than the purchase itself, so I rely on cargo forwarders to save on shipping costs. In the past, I have used (LBC) Shipping Cart and My Shopping Box. The latter’s rates are cheaper, but Shipping Cart provides a more comprehensive tracking. To their credit, they both delivered on time.

Recently, I had the chance to use another cargo forwarder, HopShopGo. It’s tied up with Paypal (which I use and deem pretty legit) so I figured they oughtta be decent as well. Their rates are higher than both Shipping Cart and MSB’s but they had a pretty sweet deal at the time of $1 shipping for the first half kilo. I had an Amazon voucher so I used that to buy a Roku Express, which is pretty small and light, and had it delivered to my HopShopGo address in Portland, Oregon.

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Online Shopping at Tmart

February 19, 2014

While blog hopping, I came across Fashion Eggplant by pretty Mommy Blogger Sarah Tirona. In one of her haul posts, I came across I was like, whoa! There’s a ton of stuff in there and a lot of them are actually pretty affordable. And the best thing is the worldwide FREE shipping. Nice, right? 😀

So my inner shopaholic (who’s been dormant for some time now) reared her ugly head at the first sniff of opportunity. I had to wage an epic inner battle to control her. Seriously. As a consuelo de bobo compromise, I told her I’ll use the remaining P155 on my prepaid debit card if I find anything interesting that would fit the bill (pun intended). To my surprise, there were actually lots of trinkets that fit into my self-imposed budget. I had a really hard time choosing. But in the end I went for a coupla ear cuffs I’ve been eyeing from an eBay seller for some time now (which actually cost less at Tmart):

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The Kuripot inside me feels Vindicated

January 17, 2014

Remember I went online shopping at Amazon? It totally slipped my mind that there’d be taxes on top of the purchases. I kinda freaked when I realized it, but there was nothing to be done since they’ve already been ordered and paid for by then. Still, it really bugged me so I looked for the products’ SRP or lowest local price I could find online. Here’s the comparison of what I paid for and the amount if I’d bought the items here:

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