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2016 Personal Theme: Live Boldly

By on March 24, 2016

Now, this was a little late in coming, what with almost a quarter of the year almost done. But the thing is, it took a while for anything concrete to materialize as an underlying theme to guide my endeavors for the coming year months. But something finally popped up, all thanks to Will Traynor:

…live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle. Wear those stripy legs with pride.

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My Simple Skincare Regimen

By on August 25, 2015

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to skincare I am lazy as fuck. I tend to get interested in a certain product, try it out and [maybe] like it, use it semi-regularly for about a week or two, miss one day and then just stop altogether out of sheer laziness. Not the best attitude when it comes to skincare, and truthfully I consider myself really lucky my skin hasn’t rebelled and filled my face with spots and warts out of sheer spite. My skin is by no means perfect, but I somehow still pass for a normal person so I’m good with that. For now. 😛

BUT. I am not getting any younger and even I know my skin won’t always behave as it’s supposed to. So I decided it’s high time I set even the simplest skincare regimen to give my sorta-neglected skin some much-needed TLC. And that means I now pretty much regularly use these:


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Just To Finish

By on August 10, 2015


39th National Milo Marathon
Lipa Leg 5K run
~36 minutes

Not my best or fastest run by a long shot, but just the fact that I finished at all is a big deal to me given that I am technically still recovering from a bout of coughs and fever. I just really couldn’t pass this up when I’ve already registered and primed myself to run this race. And I finished. Yey for me.

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