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Batman vs. Superman Walk/Jog/Run

April 12, 2016


And I survived this run without any practice! Yey! 😀 And I say survive, because it took a great deal of effort to pace myself and my erratic heartbeat while jogging/running. I walked no less than 40% of the distance; every time I felt my heart beating just a bit too much for comfort, I slowed down to a brisk walk. And when I feel “rested” enough, I picked up my pace while muttering under my breath, “Have some pride, girl! Have some friggin’ pride!”

It was not my first run after all, despite having been sorely out of practice. All around me were runners of all shapes, sizes and ages, and it was a point of pride that I not get too left behind, being of sound, if not quite stellar, health. And thankfully, I finished right in the middle of the pack, as my MyRunTime result shows:

BvS Run result

As you can see, there’s a couple minutes discrepancy between the results above and the time engraved on the medal. See, I only saw those results last night. The time engraved on the medal was based on the data from my phone’s fitness app:


Regardless of what the real time is, I’m just glad I was able to finish it in less than an hour. Though I must say it was a far cry from my last 5k run wherein I finished in around 36 minutes. Oh well.

Next weekend I’ll be running again, and double the distance last week. Good luck to me. I’m targeting an hour and a half to finish and hopefully I could really commit to that. I take it as a good sign that I felt a thrill go through me when I saw my race bib, picked up by a friend earlier:

NatGeoRun race bib

Lookie, and the bib number is not too bad, eh? 😀 I need to give that justice. Wish me a load of luck and say a prayer or two, or a dozen, for me. 😉

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  1. Congrats Ate Nathalie! Haven’t had the chance to run yet but it looks fun. Aja on the 10K! 😀 I hope I’ll be able to be as fit as you so I can run too, got lungs and heart problems po kasi eh 😐

    1. Thanks Myx! 🙂 I’d advise you to consult with a doctor first before running, but I think barring complications, you can build the right endurance to do maybe a 3k run first. Just go nice and easy and don’t overexert yourself. 😉

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