Now, I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to skincare I am lazy as fuck. I tend to get interested in a certain product, try it out and [maybe] like it, use it semi-regularly for about a week or two, miss one day and then just stop altogether out of sheer laziness. Not the best attitude when it comes to skincare, and truthfully I consider myself really lucky my skin hasn’t rebelled and filled my face with spots and warts out of sheer spite. My skin is by no means perfect, but I somehow still pass for a normal person so I’m good with that. For now. 😛

BUT. I am not getting any younger and even I know my skin won’t always behave as it’s supposed to. So I decided it’s high time I set even the simplest skincare regimen to give my sorta-neglected skin some much-needed TLC. And that means I now pretty much regularly use these:


Yes, that is the sum total of all the skincare products I currently use. Talk about lazy, eh? I opted to skip the toner since I don’t wear makeup anyway and I figured being cooped up in the office all day couldn’t really contribute all that much to the gunk and dirt on my face at the end of the day. And my sunscreen doubles as moisturizer during the day. So. Minimal number of products. 😉

Human ❤ Nature Balancing Facial Wash

I’ve actually been using this on and off for some time now. It’s geared for oily/combination skin. There are little scrubby bits to gently slough off dirt and dead skin cells. I love that it doesn’t make my skin tight and dry after washing.

Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Essence

I’ve only been using this for a coupla days now, but I can already say I love it. 😉 I have been looking for a non-greasy, non-whitening sunscreen for quite some time now. The last I tried was Myra but it was too greasy on my already oily skin, so, no thanks. I have been reading about Bioré face milk but never really cared to buy online, but then I saw this at Watson’s the other night. There were several types on display but I chose this because of the watery thing, which I figured is best for my oily skin. Thankfully, I was right in my assessment. It gets absorbed into the skin very quickly, is not greasy, there’s no white cast, and is kinda moisturizing too. What’s not to love? 😀

Human ❤ Nature Night Moisturizer with Jojoba & Plant Collagen

This got me at collagen. Haha. Human ❤ Nature has a moisturizer each for day and night but I went for the night variant since my face already felt too hot and greasy during the day for an additional layer of anything on my skin. And also so I would be forced to wash my face at night so I could use this (I’m lazy, remember?) 😛 It doesn’t get absorbed quite as fast as the sunscreen, but that’s not really a problem since it doesn’t take ages anyway. I’m pleased to note that my skin looks a smidgen better at morning compared to when I was not using this before.

Human ❤ Nature Detoxifying Mask + Scrub

I used to use Human ❤ Nature Purifying Facial Scrub, but it wasn’t a good match for my skin. It felt like my skin broke out everytime I used it. 🙁 This is a newer product and a bit more expensive, but it’s dual-purpose so the price increase is pretty much justifiable. Not to mention, it’s packaged in a bigger size. Anywho. Unlike the one before, I have no adverse reaction to this one. I use it as a mask once or twice a week. I’ve decided not to use it as a dedicated scrub since I end up scrubbing away a bit anyway when removing the mask. 😛 It smells like berries, which I like.

All in all, I’m glad that in the two weeks I’ve been doing this regimen, my skin looks and feels just the teeniest bit improved. Still far from perfect, but it’s okay. I plan on adding Human ❤ Nature Pure Rosehip Oil later on, to help minimize dark spots and old acne scars. Maybe after a few weeks more, when I’m really really sure that my current regimen works.

And yes, I am obviously a fan of Human ❤ Nature. 😀

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    1. Dude, truth is I’d really like to do as you do and wear makeup everyday, but my body just really prefers the extra minutes of sleep over doing makeup. Haha. So bare face it is. 😀 And yeah, so glad I picked it over the other. It was your choice too, right? 🙂

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