Pretty decal, ain’t it? Didn’t want to put my name on the case (I find it kinda vulgar not so tasteful, sorry) so I just put in my 2016 Personal Theme. And yeah, I obviously haven’t moved on from Me Before You yet. 😉 Got it from Incroyable Cases by the way, just in case you got interested. And no, sadly, I was not paid for that plug. 🙁 😛

Anywho. I was able to renew my Globe postpaid line the other week. Since my prior contract was for a legacy plan (goodbye unlimited Internet 🙁 ) and I wanted a phone unit not free with its equivalent current plan, I had no choice but to upgrade. Meaning, aside from the requisite mobile data, I now have unlimited call and text services within the same network. Good thing, right?

Turns out, not so much. See, aside from the occasional calls to members of the family to find out where they are when we lose each other at the mall, I don’t really call much. I realized this earlier when I was bored and looking at my contacts to see who I could call and maybe have a nice little chat with. With the sole exception of my immediate family and two best friends, there was no one else I could just easily call up out of the blue to have a nice conversation with. My social interaction is done mostly through Facebook and, occasionally, Instagram. And that’s it. So much for my decal message to “live boldly”.

The realization kinda made me sad, although it was my own fault (or maybe not) for being antisocial in the first place. That being the case, I plan to remedy that (and maximize what I’ll be paying for too) by calling kinda-estranged friends and relatives within the same network (thankfully, most of them are) just to catch up and send regards.

I guess that would count as trying to live boldly, right?

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4 thoughts on “Unlimited, but not really

  1. That’s nice Ate! 😀 I mean, the case. Too bad they don’t have something for HTC. Well, my bad. (I dont have a choice just because im so inlove with the brand. :/)

    anyways, I had my line cut 5 months ago just because i dont find the need to have the line, and also, we asked them to cut the landline+wifi for giving us headache everyday. imagine the 0.07 mbps 😀 so now, we have PLDT Fibrm which is up to 5mbps. 😀 I find they are not so good in their service now po. </3

    1. Unlike you though, I do need the postpaid line–not for calling and texting, but for the convenience of mobile data. You know, LDR and all, must be online all the time. ? Thankfully I am using a different provider for our home Internet connection and *fingers crossed* the speed’s as pretty much as promised.

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