So after more than a decade of solely using contact lenses, I decided to take a [sort of] risk and go back to using old school specs. There are a number of reasons why I preferred using contacts to glasses, one of which is because my eyes are a bit photosensitive so I have to wear sunglasses when going out lest I trigger a migraine attack–something which I cannot do if I’m wearing eyeglasses. And not wearing corrective lenses just for the sake of using sunglasses would render me severely visually impaired–my eyesight is just that bad.


Too chicken to do a selfie. Solution: pose with my daughter!

The solution would be for me to wear corrective photochromic (light-adaptive) lenses. I’d get the benefit of correcting my vision while also protecting my peepers from harsh UV light. Basically, photochromic lenses are those that are clear when indoors and then darken when you go out into bright sunshine.Those lenses have been around for a long time now, but have always been prohibitively expensive.

So when I saw the local Ideal Vision Center offering discounted eyeglass packages, I decided to inquire about photochromic lenses. Luckily for me, they were available as an add-on for a reasonable price. Since my eyes are severely myopic (-5.25 on the left, -4.75 on the right, and both with astigmatism), the photochromic lenses I wanted would be quite thick. She offered me thinner, higher index lenses for the same price, but they were not photochromic, which was what I really needed.

In the end, I chose that which I needed. Thick photochromic lenses it is. However, I couldn’t use those chic metal or wire frames because they wouldn’t be able to support the thick lenses. Luckily for me, I found those cute purple specs with thick enough frames to support the required lenses. And with a nice discount to boot, I got the whole package for just P2,695. Ain’t that a great deal? 😀

To give you an idea of how thick the lenses are, here is the top view of my eyeglasses:


See how far the lens protrudes over the [already] thick frame? The right lens is just a hairbreadth thinner than this. Thankfully, despite the lenses being this thick, they mercifully don’t weigh much. Otherwise my already flat nose would suffer. 😛

So, about the photochromic thing. I keep saying that and it all sounds like too specialized shit, but I think most would be more familiar with the term transition lenses. However, let me just clarify that Transitions® adaptive lensesare just a brand of photochromic lenses, albeit the most popular one. And what I got were from a different brand (just forgot what, sorry).

But the important thing is, does it work? I initially thought it didn’t because I saw no noticeable darkening of the lenses when I went out earlier. It turned out it was just because my vision remained practically the same, but I found out that they were actually already darkened when I passed by a mirror. 😛

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