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Francine’s First Swimming Lessons

April 15, 2016

This summer, Francine is enrolled at the local Milo Summer Sports Clinic swimming program. April 4 was her first day and I must say she really enjoyed it. In fact, I think she enjoyed it just a bit too much and exhausted her coach with her boundless energy and enthusiasm (“Ja-jump ulit ako! Isa pa!”) 😛

Being a self-taught swimmer of sorts, she actually barely listened to her poor coach and preferred to go “swimming” by herself. Never mind that the pool is at least a foot deeper than she could reach with her feet. She was fearless.

At least, until she finally got what she wanted and jumped into the pool without her arm floaters and coach–and almost drowned. I actually wasn’t there since I was at the office and her grandfather was the one who took her to her lessons. Good thing a nearby mom saw her and hauled her off to safety.

By that evening, she told me, “Natatamad na ko mag-swimming Mommy,” but I knew she just got a bit traumatized by the event. So I asked her if she got scared when she almost drowned in the pool. With a sad look, she nodded yes. But I am not letting her give up easily so I pep-talked her until she agreed to swim again the next day; told her that she almost drowned because she didn’t listen to her coach and jumped into the pool without her floaters. She seemed to understand, and indeed went swimming again the next day; she even told me after that she enjoyed swimming again. 🙂

And yesterday, a day shy of two weeks with her Tadpole status, we were informed that they’re moving her up to the Basic Beginner’s class (which are for 7 years and older) starting today. And we are ever so proud! 😀

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    1. Thank you Jackie! 😀 Swimming lessons were something I wanted as a kid but never really got the chance to have, though I did learn to swim by myself eventually. Francine loves the water so I figured I might as well enroll her, give her something to do during summer (besides endlessly watching her fave movies on loop) which she enjoys. Hopefully teach her some much-needed discipline too. 😉

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