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A Win for Mommy

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So this morning, it took more than half an hour of wheedling, cajoling, bribing and finally threatening to return her brand-new Peppa Pig study table to Toy Kingdom before I finally got my hard-headed daughter our of bed for her swimming lessons. Because yeah, despite initially enjoying it, she now doesn’t want to because her coach’s instruction is to remove her arm floaters and swim. And since she’s a bit traumatized by the last time she jumped to the pool without her arm floaters, she really really did not want to follow her coach’s instruction. Hence, her not wanting to attend her swimming lessons at all.

But being the hard-headed Mommy that I am (sorry kid, hindi ka uubra, this is the original speaking), I wouldn’t take no for an answer. Especially since I know that getting over her fear would be the more beneficial thing in the long run, as opposed to keeping her within her comfort zone today.

And I was right. Of course. As per my father’s report, she was actually able to swim without her floaters–and quite fast too. And I couldn’t be more proud. Which is why I’m taking half the day off from work tomorrow just to watch her swim. But I think I’m bringing my rashguard and shorts too.. 😉

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