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Night Run… at last!

May 20, 2016

CM Blacklight - Manila 16 Rockstar race kit(Photo from COLOR Manila RUN FB page)

Things finally clicked into place and so I finally, excitedly, registered for the event, along with my good friend Bonz. I opted to go for the Rockstar race kit because I wanted the singlet and towel. And because yeah, I am so gonna rock this run! 😀

But instead of pushing myself hard and going for the 10k run, I decided to be sensible and just do 5k since I’ll be driving us both home after. So wouldn’t want to drive when I’m about to crash from exhaustion. Safety first, right? 😉

So yeah, I guess this means 5k runs are getting easier for my body to take. Progress. Hell yeah. \m/_

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Francine’s First Run: Summer Color Fun Run 2016

April 29, 2016

I started joining fun runs at the ripe age of 29 and my first event was a mere 3k non-competitive run. And here is my daughter, all of 4 years and 8 months, already finished with her first fun run last Saturday–and a 5k run at that. And the icing on cake would have to be her being awarded as the event’s Youngest Runner! #proudMommy moment right there. 😀

I’d like to believe that by starting her young on sports, she’d grow up better, a more well-rounded person. After all, sports do not enhance only the physical, but the mental and emotional as well. And hopefully, instill in her some much-needed discipline as well.

Summer Color Fun Run 2016 youngest runner.jpgShe couldn’t care less about being onstage and about to be awarded; she just wanted to get out of the sun and go home, hence this screwed up expression. 😛

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Just To Finish

August 10, 2015


39th National Milo Marathon
Lipa Leg 5K run
~36 minutes

Not my best or fastest run by a long shot, but just the fact that I finished at all is a big deal to me given that I am technically still recovering from a bout of coughs and fever. I just really couldn’t pass this up when I’ve already registered and primed myself to run this race. And I finished. Yey for me.

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