In an attempt to wean Francine off her Frozen addiction, I downloaded another movie for her to watch:


Since I haven’t watched it yet either, Brave became an impromptu mother-daughter bonding session. 🙂 I couldn’t wait to transfer it to my HDD so we watched it on my phone right after downloading.

Francine got a kick out of Merida’s mad archery skills. For some reason I couldn’t fathom, she’s been play-acting archery the last coupla weeks, using a couple of pick-up-sticks as bow and arrow. 😀

Merida getting ready to shootPhoto from here.

She seriously has Merida’s pose down, before she even watched Brave. I must remember to take a photo one of these days. 😀 I’d peg her for a Katniss Everdeen fan if she has seen The Hunger Games, but she hasn’t so I really don’t know where she got the idea.

Personally, I really liked the movie because I consider Merida a good role model for Francine. Her mother’s disapproval of her not-so-ladylike skills didn’t prevent Merida from excelling at what she loved doing, and I can only hope that Francine can sustain her passions in the same way. As early as now my daughter is already showing major signs of being headstrong like her, and in recognizing that, I hope to avoid Queen Elinor’s mistake of trying to fit Merida into a mold that is not cut out for her.

Merida & Queen ElinorPhoto from here.

It was a learning (and quite humbling) experience for the queen too to finally realize that her daughter will never be like her and will cut her own path. In the same vein, I must keep in mind that she is her own person, and that my duty as a mother is to nurture her into the best she can and wants be, not into what I want her to be. Now, if those two turn out to be the same, then so much the better for all of us. 😉

My emphatic two-year-old really felt for that climactic scene wherein Merida was crying while wishing for the bear to change back into her mother. There were tears in her eyes as she kept asking where Merida’s Mummy was.

GIF from here.

 I couldn’t help tearing up a bit too, as I realized how much my daughter already understands what she’s watching despite her still-limited grasp of the English language. That she could relate to Merida’s fear of losing her mother. I guess that scene would really strike a chord in every little girl’s heart, language barrier or no.

animation3_by_vanellope_schweeetz-d5znd4fGIF from here.

And their tearful reunion reminds me of how Francine and I are like, (literally) kissing and making up after bickering and/or having our little boo-boos. 😀

All in all, the movie was just about perfect for mother-daughter bonding sessions. We could (and probably will) watch it over and over again. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Mommy-Baby Movie Bonding

  1. I love Brave! It’s a really good Disney film. I like how they show that, in the end, the princess doesn’t really need a prince charming to have a happy “ending” 🙂

    1. Really, it’s very brave (pun intended) to release an animated princess movie that eschews romance and instead focuses on real-life issues like mother-daughter dynamics and character growth. And yes, gets a happy ending too to boot! 🙂

  2. our family baby loves brave! to the point that he bugs me a lot everytime nasisira ang bow and arrow nya! haha 🙂 but the movie is really packed with good moral lessons 🙂

    1. Indeed it is packed with lessons, though some of the more violent scenes make me cringe thinking of my toddler watching. But still, the good outweigh the bad so I still like it! 🙂

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