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So, our Puerto Galera trip pushed through last Saturday. There were five of us who went together: me, my cousin and her boyfriend, and another cousin and her daughter. I kinda regretted not bringing Francine along, but oh well, there’s always a next time. We stayed with yet another cousin (yes, we are a big family, lots of cousins) so we didn’t pay for accommodation and most of our meals. 😉

lovely hibiscus flowersLovely hibiscus flowers near our rooms

We got there bright and early; we were on FSL’s first trip after all. Thankfully, there was some cloud cover so we were able to go for a dip before the sun got too hot. Since it was pretty early, there weren’t a lot of people on the beach. The afternoon was another matter altogether, the beach was really crowded! So we walked along the coast away from the establishments to this less crowded stretch of the beach:

White BeachMuch better, right? But aside from all that swimming, we also hung out with Ate Alice’s other relatives. One of the best parts of the early afternoon was chillin’ out underneath the big tree there. They had a katre (wooden bed) out and someone provided a comforter, so combined with the cool breeze, there’s really no way I could resist sleeping taking a nap. 😀

chilling under the treeBy the way that’s my cousin’s hand caught on camera holding a slice of Indian mango, which they were munching on. I like them Indian mangoes too, but I was too sleepy that time to eat some as well. But apparently not that sleepy that I could not take a photo. 😛

I had a henna tattoo done on my right shoulder to the tune of P100. There were a lot of flash designs on display. I didn’t want something too large so I had a hard time looking for a design I liked. In the end I settled for a tribal dragon design for House Targaryen (the result of the Zimbio quiz I tooka few days prior). Obviously, hindi maka-move on. 😀

getting a henna tattooKuya artist filling in the outline with ink

dragon hennaAnd here it is, the finished henna tattoo. There’s something off about the proportion, but at least it’s recognizable as a dragon. I asked Francine what the “drawing” on my shoulder was when I got back and she immediately guessed that it’s a dragon. Not bad. 😉

Most of our food are yummy home-cooked meals so the only time we really went on a food trip was during merienda. I’ve read about Food Trip a lot so I persuaded my companions to have our snacks there. This is what I had:

Food Trip Belgian wafflesWhole thing cost P89. The serving was quite generous, I’d give them that. Two thick, large waffles with not enough chocolate syrup (if I had any say in making it the waffles would be swimming in the stuff), a cute butter ball and a dollop of jam. It looked better than it tasted though. I couldn’t finish them all so I shared a waffle with the others.

Dinner was at Svend’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar. We had open Calzone and Hawaiian pizza plus Carbonara. No decent post-worthy photos though, sorry. But the food were yummy and very filling though the pasta was cooked a bit past al dente.

We walked along the strip of bars and restaurants after, soaking in the infamous Puerto Galera night life. I separated from the group, went by myself near the water and had a moment there. I typed in a quick note poem on my Evernote app, fingers racing against phone’s dying battery.
momentIt was all I could do to preserve that perfect moment. Capturing it on a photo was not plausible with just a dying phone’s camera and I did not have my trusty DSLR with me that time. Then again, I doubt it could all have been captured in a mere photo anyway so that short composition was really the best I could have done under the circumstance.

We went home the next morning. It was one of my shortest vacations ever, if it could even be called that. But it was one of the most memorable nonetheless. For starters, it was the first purely recreational trip I’ve gone to without Francine. So it was me-time all the way, even if I missed her a lot.

White BeachUntil next time, Puerto Galera!

The trip was a singular carpe diem moment stretched out over a weekend. I went out and basked in the sun even if I originally planned to stay indoors and just read while the sun is up. I dug my toes in the sand, swam as far as I dared, floated on the water while watching the wide blue sky, watched the sun set over the sea, gazed up at the moon and down its fragmented reflection like pieces of glass strewn on the inky water. I had peace, even if for only a few fleeting moments. But it was enough to settle some of my restless feelings and refresh my mind before going back to the hustle and bustle of my everyday life.

Note: All photos taken with my phone’s camera and *vastly* improved in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

14 thoughts on “Puerto Galera Weekend Getaway

  1. Loved the poem and the font!! Being alone in a beautiful place is a must. You have to breathe in everything around you tpos you have to do it alone. Being with someone might spoil it for you. Ang saya ng getaway mo sis. 🙂

  2. I have never been to Puerto Galera but according to some of my friends it’s a good place to be and that it also has a night life like Boracay. Maybe I should book a trip there asap.

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