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Mental Snapshots

September 30, 2013
  • That time at the mall while I was on the queue to the counter and father and daughter were off watching something on the nearby Astroplus. Then they were coming towards me running and grinning widely, and he lifted her up laughing on the air and the full skirt of her dress ballooned as he set her down again. The look of sheer joy on their faces is burned into my memory. Priceless.
  • The look of pride and amazement on his face as our little girl showed off for him, identifying all the items on her alphabet chart and books correctly.
  • That blurry (thanks to my myopic eyes) image of him I see first thing in the morning beside me.

So yes, it is pretty obvious that I am badly missing him. :/ We still talk everyday via Google Hangouts but it’s different. Nothing will compare to him being actually here beside me. So yes, this is kinda driving me into depression right now.

Anywho, before I go off into the deeper end, some form of distraction is needed. The title, Mental Snapshots, yes. Why so? Well, there will always be precious moments which you would have wanted to capture on film (digital or otherwise) but was either too fleeting to catch or you had no camera on hand. Frustrating, I know. Happens to the best of us. And all we are left with are precious, fragile memories in our heads. Mental snapshots of moments gone by but not forgotten.

Makes me think of how fleeting life really is. Though time may seem to drag every now and then, still, a moment past is a moment gone. Nothing can ever bring it back. No amount of reminiscing, regretting or tantrums can. It will only drive you over the edge. There’s nothing to be gained by looking back; only by looking forward and living in the now can we really enjoy life. Photos and videos optional, but not required.

  1. I agree, life is indeed fleeting. You have to enjoy every moment of it with no regrets whatsoever. Always look forward to a brand new day.

    ps… I love your title- Mental Snapshots 🙂

    1. Yeah, I didn’t mean to generalize all memories as bad or useless. I was just in a kinda depressed state of mind while writing that and it apparently showed through. 😉

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