I have a confession to make: I actually feel more excited than usual for New Year because of my new planner/journal. ? While this is not exactly my first time using a planner, this is my first attempt at bullet journaling. But since I am not using a blank notebook as per the original BuJo requirement, there are some components that my small planner cannot accommodate. One of which is a HABIT TRACKER.

Why do I need one? Well, there are some things I want to do to improve myself, but they take time and commitment. And I have a pretty bad case of ningas-kugon so that doesn’t exactly help. That is why I need a tangible proof of self-accountability. And this is where the habit tracker comes in.

Now, I can actually make a habit tracker table on one of the blank pages. It’s just a matter of measuring and drawing lines after all. But I chose not to since it would be quite cramped with hardly any space to write on, something my OC side simple won’t allow. So I decided to just make one as a Dutch door attachment, pictured above.

If you are so inclined or even just vaguely interested, I’ve also included the downloadable PDF file for you. Just click the link below the sample picture and it should download automatically. The paper size is A4 and the tables match the size of the Starbucks mini planner (when spread flat) with a small outside margin. Needless to say, this can also be used for the larger planner.

2017 Habit Tracker for SB mini Siren planner >> Download: 2017 Habit Tracker for SB mini planner – aqua (PDF) <<

I also made a brown version to match the other design, which is the coffee stained one:

2017 Habit Tracker for SB mini coffee planner >> Download: 2017 Habit Tracker for SB mini planner – brown (PDF) <<

And if you’re using a different planner–or not using one but want a habit tracker just the same–here are the A4-sized full-paper version of the two:

2017 Habit Tracker A4 aqua >> Download: 2017 Habit Tracker A4 – aqua (PDF) <<

2017 Habit Tracker A4 brown >> Download: 2017 Habit Tracker A4 – brown (PDF) <<

So there. I hope this helps someone else in fostering good habits. ?

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