So. I have been bullet journaling for more than a coupla months now. And in those few weeks I have tried a variety of features, or add-ons if you may, like a habit tracker, savings tracker and a coupla daily lettering challenges.

February Starbucks planner

February weekly sample

This is more or less what my January and February weeklies look like. There are the daily bullet entries and calligraphy/lettering challenges. Then some journal entries every now and then, a quote here and there, and the occasional doodle (though there’s none in this spread).

February habit tracker

And there’s my finished habit tracker for the last month. Not quite as complete as would be ideal, but still not bad for a lazybones girl like me. Really, not bad at all. ?

For March however, I decided to go minimal. Despite having already attached a habit tracker and chosen a lettering challenge, I did away with both and went for simplicity. It’s a combination of several factors that led to that decision. For one, I think I gave quite a bit of creativity to those two months and now I am sort of drained and craving simplicity. That, and I am feeling quite lazy as well. And it doesn’t really help that I left my art supplies at my cousin’s. So there.

Minimal it is, for March. Just plain bullet journaling, and maybe a bit of lettering or calligraphy if/when the mood strikes.

coffee siggy

16 thoughts on “Bullet Journal March Update

  1. The beauty of the bullet journal. You can go all out if you want to, tapos minimalist when you feel like it.

    1. Hi Rae! ? Indeed, that is why I am loving the whole bullet journal system. It can be fully customized, much more so if you’re using a notebook instead of a planner like I do.

  2. I am not a person who keeps journals but yours seems quite lovely and artistic. The calligraphy is nice and impressive and also the colors n pattern. Nice work. Happy March. 🙂

  3. Well your bullet journal looks a lot nicer than any of others I have ever seen. Much nicer than mine for sure! I love the hand-lettering challenges in every page. Keep it up cause its looking great, and you will have it as a memory for later in life.

    1. Thank you Orana! So you’re a fellow bullet journalist as well? Aren’t BuJos great? 🙂 I think I’ll be doing lettering challenges by April again. However, I think I’ll be doing it on my art journal, not here. Still, we’ll see. I’m as likely to change my mind as the next scatterbrained person. 😀

  4. wow!your bullet journal looks beautiful.I love the view of creativeness through the pages.I am sure you have great time with updating this journal!Daily lettering challenge sounds interesting.And I see you have done lot of beautiful lettering on your book!

    1. Thank you Amila! 🙂 I like practicing brush calligraphy here because it’s got nice thick pages so I don’t have to worry about bleed-through.

  5. I love your journal. It’s really artistic, I wonder how long you spend on doing it because I don’t really have journals. Everything is inside my head, I no longer have time to jot down the details of my events and my daily tasks.

  6. Lovely handwriting there. 🙂 Your journal looks neat even with a lot of notes or scribbles on it. My planner is usually full even though I try to use bullets only. There’s simply a lot of tasks on my list. hehe

  7. I am not a person who would really keep journals but some creative and beautiful quotes and motivational words can help us with the day.

  8. That is one lovely, cute, and super creative journal I’ve ever seen! How I wish I have that artistic side too, but unfortunately, I don’t. Hehehe! I don’t know how to do calligraphy but what I wanna try are the habit tracker and savings tracker so lemme click on those links so I could have an idea on how you did yours. Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  9. You really are very talented. I love seeing your work. I’m in awe of your bullet Journal! I love the idea, but I’m a very unorganised person I’d probably forget to do it quickly 🙁

    One day I’ll figure out how to be organised!

  10. I’m so envious of youuuu!!! I really love doing artsy stuff especially on my planner but I do not have time recently so my planner has been too plain. Thank you for sharing yours, I’m now very motivated to design mine. 🙂 Keep it up!

  11. At some point, your post somehow motivates me to do some scribbling. I am a coffee-lover and I use to try coffee everywhere so I get planners and journals but after getting them, I just sell them away at a lower price since I dont need them. But I think I should give it a try this year. I have been on the keyboard most of the time and I guess a little exercise wont hurt 😀

    Thank you for this inspiration

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