So. It has been a full week that I have been using my bullet journal. And I somehow managed to fill almost the whole spread with my scribbles, doodles and what-not! ?


Likewise, I have been able to fill up about 3 full pages of my work BuJo (though I can’t take a pic because of some sensitive information there). All in all, not bad for a self-confessed tamad magsulat. 😀

Some thoughts and realizations I had in my first week of full BuJo use:

  • I need more space in my Starbucks planner. ? If I’d known I’d be using it this much, I would have gone for the bigger one. Oh well. Lesson learned for the next year. If I’d still be collecting stickers for the 2018 planner, that is. As it is, I’ve been wanting to try a certain very expensive dotted notebook for my next BuJo…
  • Somewhat related to the first one, I am loving the flexibility of using a regular notebook for my work BuJo. That is, since I only do dailies, each day can have as little or as much space as needed; there are days when I use only about 10 lines, and there are others wherein I use more than a whole page.
  • The bullet journaling system as a whole will work only if you allot time for it. No, I don’t mean hours poring over layouts and other such frivolities (though that’s your call, really). Personally, all it takes is a few minutes a day to add more bullets and/or monitor my listed tasks (cross those already done, schedule or migrate as needed, erase if irrelevant or not applicable anymore). I usually do the monitoring at night before going to sleep; in the case of my work BuJo which I leave at the office, I do it a few minutes before I get out.
  • The habit tracker is a great tool for self-accountability. I just have to be honest about filling it out day to day. ?
  • I’m kind of bothered by the non-continuity of thoughts/notes/lists in my SB BuJo, but I suppose that’s what the Index is for anyway.
  • All in all, this is a system that works for me, and I can see myself using for the foreseeable future. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Week 1 Update

  1. whoa! now im close to reconsidering bujo coz of this, heck of an eye-candy, dre. btw, you’re getting better and better with callig! Love it!

    1. Weeeee, thanks dude! 😀 Try BuJo-ing for a week on your pretty planner, you might end up liking it too. If not, I don’t suppose you’ll lose sleep over the week that you tried. 😉

  2. Coffee does strange things to oneself. My creative juices start following the moment I step into a coffee shop. A humble suggestion- can you please write a longish post next time? Thanks

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