So I am sort of on a planner roll right now, what with the excitement of doing bullet journaling for the first time. Truth is, this early, I’ve already put in several collections in it. For my kid, our finances, books and movies, and of course, this blog. 🙂

In my last entry, I posted a free habit tracker, mostly because I was tinkering around on the computer while still on planner high. And because I couldn’t well enough leave it alone, here I am again with another free downloadable. 😉

This is just a basic monthly planner, Folio size (8.5″x13″). But since it’s in PDF format, you can pretty much resize it when you print it out to whatever size of paper you have. I blanked out the month and dates so it can be used year-long, even a decade from now! 😀 And I added a monthly to-do list on the side as well for keeping track of general chores or tasks. You know the drill: just click on the link below the sample photo and it’ll automatically download.

blank monthly planner by blackshirt13 >> Download: Blank Monthly Planner with To-Do List (PDF) <<

Keeping my fingers crossed that this inspired state lasts long so I can produce more of these goodies. Anything else you’d love to have here as a free download? Let me know in the comments section and we’ll try to make it work. 🙂

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