I am by no means a girl that you would call kikay. By principle, I do not comb my hair and go literally bare-faced (no makeup whatsoever, not even loose powder) when out facing the world. Well, I do use lip balm (Carmex and Burt’s Bees) every now and then when my lips dry out, but that’s pretty much about it. As for hygiene, I use just regular commercial soap and shampoo strictly for cleansing purposes.

Lately though, I discovered a couple of pretty nifty *beauty* bath products while browsing GT forums. One is Cyleina Black Pearl soap.

Cyleina Black Pearl Supreme
Cyleina Black Pearl Supreme

Browsing through the GT forums, I noticed the cult following for Cyleina soaps which was already in its seventh thread. What about it has other girls babbling for that many threads? Curiosity got the better of me and I started slogging through the myriad pages, even going so far as researching about the soaps on good old Google. So yes, you could say that I got carried away by the hype and bought 3 variants from a nearby reseller the next day: Black Pearl, Tomato and Kojic Acid. Of the three, Black Pearl worked the best for me. It feels sooooo good on the skin because of the cool, minty feeling it leaves–so perfect for this current El Niño weather. I use it on my face too, and I noticed that three days or so after using it, my face was no longer as oily as it used to be. And I am now a wee bit fairer too (this is a whitening soap as well, by the way). ^_^

Another skin care product I took notice of was A Bonne’ Spa Milk Salt Scrub. I read in one of the threads that it works really well in tandem with the Black Pearl. Squandering time one night at Watson’s, I discovered that they have A Bonne’ products–and that they are surprisingly cheap. I got myself a bottle of their Spa Milk Power Salt Scrub Double Collagen (an upgrade I suppose from the original Spa Milk Salt) for just 75 bucks.

A Bonne' Spa Milk Power Salt Double Collagen
A Bonne' Spa Milk Power Salt Scrub Double Collagen

Excited as a kid with a new toy, I used it that very night (with the Black Pearl) when I took my nighttime bath. And amazingly, it did work its magic on me. My skin did feel smoother afterwards, especially the skin on my elbows and knees. I have been using it every 2 or 3 days for about a couple of weeks now and I must say that it did help in brightening up my skin. It sure beats using a pumice stone (panghilod) for exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells. XD

All in all, my skin is quite happy with the combination of these two. I have used up my Black Pearl and is currently trying the Grapeseed soap (whitening + moisturizing) and so far it works with the salt scrub as well. My bath time is so much more fun now with these products.

There are a couple more products that I am trying right now, but I’ll be posting them later when I’ve experienced their full effects (or maybe the lack thereof).

How about you, any particular bath products you love? ^_^

4 thoughts on “I never thought I’d love taking a bath THIS much

  1. It’s el niño.
    nice beauty regimen review.
    I’d suggest it would be much better if you’ll post your pic with those beauty products that you’re promoting.
    This will give a more inviting impact to your review.

    1. Waaaaa! Thanks much for the correction! ^_^; Was thinking of my cousin (name’s Niña) while writing the entry. Haha.

      I’m not promoting anything btw. Just sharing my experience with others who might benefit from the products as well, which is why this post is not filed under the Reviews category. =]

  2. Hello! 🙂 I haven’t tried the Skinfood mushroom BB cream yet, as I’m not finished yet with my Missha tube. You’re lucky the bb cream shade matches your skintone. ^^ I think you should go for whichever of the two suits you better. 🙂

    I’ve been using Cyleina black pearl for months now, and it does wonders to my skin too! Love the minty feeling it leaves as well. Never had any skin complications from using it, as opposed to other soaps like kojic and bleaching soaps which caused me breakouts. Have you tried cyleina’s tomato and kojic variants? let me know what you think of it. 🙂

    I’ve tried A Bonne Spa Milk Salt as well, it leaves my skin smooth and radiant after bath. However, I don’t notice any long-lasting brightening effect, so I stopped using and the rest of it is just sitting on top of my vanity for months now. XD

    As of the moment, I’m using Cyleina Black Pearl as my everyday soap, and another A Bonne product, their Milk Power Whitening Lotion with Collagen… you should try it, 500ml for only 200php, I could say it’s cheap, considering 500ml goes a long way.It has UV protection, good for everyday use 🙂

    However,I might try pairing up Cyleina & A Bonne Spa Milk Salt one of these days… Hopefully the two works well together for me just like it did for you. 😀

    1. I have actually used that lotion. I got the smaller bottle, cost P129 on Watson’s with a free sachet of Spa Milk Salt scrub. I thought it was really good at first. It really was light and non-greasy as promised. But for some reason, I think this sorta dried out my skin and made it darker despite its being a moisturizing and lightening lotion. Weird, I know. But I got it because I have terrible tan lines on my shoulder and my arms got really tanned because of our company outing and sadly it did not serve its purpose at all. Still I like the salt scrub, very useful for that much-needed weekly exfoliation. 🙂

      As for the BB cream, I think the SkinFood Mushroom Multi-Care does match my skin color as could be seen in this pic. The Missha Perfect Cover No. 23 matches my skin tone as well, but takes a bit longer to settle into the skin. However, it stays put much longer, even after my skin got wet when I brushed my teeth. 😉 But the SkinFood gives me a glow which the Missha does not. That’s why I’m really confused which of the two to get. I’m leaning towards Missha, but I really like the SkinFood as well. 😀

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