Why do I say that? Because that really is the case. Think about it.

When kids smile, the world smiles back at them. The sound of their laughter is a good balm for a faltering spirit. When you see those dimples flash or those eyes twinkle, it’s like everything will be alright no matter how bleak the situation may be. I am not a parent (yet) but I have enough kid cousins to at least have an inkling of what joy kids can bring.

I am sure you’re all familiar with the phrase “happy/excited as a kid with a new toy”. And that’s just the point I’m making. It is kids (or the kid in all of us) that feels the greatest happiness in everything we do. Perhaps the simplicity of their outlook, or their untarnished hearts. Whatever. All I know is sometimes, it is better to just be a kid and just enjoy life without worries.

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