Corby PRO front
Corby PRO front

Corby PRO back

Corby PRO back (black cover)
QWERTY keypad
QWERTY keypad

I have been using the Samsung GT-B5310 Corby PRO for more than a month now. And I am loving it so far. Ü

The Corby PRO is a resistive touch screen phone with a slide-out QWERTY keypad. At 105 x 56.8 x 15.68 mm with rounded edges, it feels pretty comfortable on the hands, if a bit thick. At 135 g it has a solid heft, but is not much heavier than your average mobile. Its construction is all glossy plastic which, while pretty, is a magnet for fingerprints. Well, the black one at least since the white back cover doesn’t smudge as much.

The huge touch screen, while resistive, is pretty responsive. Screen calibration is a pain-free affair. The display is vivid and clear even at the lowest brightness setting (which I use to save on battery).

I love the QWERTY keypad! There’s a slight learning curve in using it when you’re used to the usual numeric keypad, but you easily get used to it. The keys give ample give when you press them and the surface is slightly textured making typing a breeze.

It has 3G, Bluetooth (with A2DP) and WiFi which pretty much covers the basics for most average mobile users like me. I have no need to sync it to my computer (never did with any of my older phones, even the O2 XDA II mini) so the lack of bundled USB cable in the package is not a loss for me. Besides which, Bluetooth does a fine enough job transferring files to and from my computer. WiFi connection is okay, does the job connecting me to Facebook through the bundled Facebook app. Hehe.

Sound quality through the speakers is pretty good and crisp, and low-bit rate tracks sound rather obvious. It can get pretty loud in small rooms or contained spaces, but easily drowned out in open areas. The bundled in-ear earphones sound pretty good, although I’m not too keen on its aesthetics.

The 3.12 MP camera takes surprisingly vivid and detailed photos in good strong light (like on sunny days) although the image quality falls a bit indoors since there’s no built-in flash.

All in all, I am loving this gem of a mobile. It packs some serious features in a fun package and manages to keep the price down to mid-range level. Love it. ^_^

11 thoughts on “Review: Samsung GT-B5310 Corby PRO

  1. hey guys, where is possible get the same black body for the corby pro like here is. exactly the same.(back side) can somebody please help me to find it somehow? hope to get some answer soon on my email [email protected].
    best regards.

    1. The black back cover is already included in the package. The original package includes three back covers: black, plain white and white with design. Or black, red and red with pattern if you got the Corby PRO with red keypad. Hope that helps. 🙂

  2. been using it for a year, cute but could be better. processor’s slow, be prepared to face problems when loading and zooming web pages. no auto focus for camera so close ups are out. i find the lowest volume too loud when using e ear phones. hard to find Hp games. could be more user friendly, manual’s too brief. tt’s all.

    1. Been using mine for a year now too. Performance could be speedier, otherwise I am not complaining. I don’t use much of the features nowadays anyway so I’m okay with it. 🙂

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