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Initial Review: Limelight Sketch Book Dotted Notebook

May 15, 2018
Limelight Sketch Book Dotted Notebook

Sometime before, I posted a review of the Limelight [plain] Sketch Book. I ended that review with a wish that they would make dotted notebooks as well. And lo and behold! πŸŽ‰Β Back in January, they posted a teaser video for their much-wished-for Limelight Sketch Book dotted notebook:


Due to insistent public demand, we bring you Limelight Dotted Sketchbook ⬇⬇⬇⬇

Oh wait there’s more! To start the year with a B-A-N-G this February, we will be giving away One Limited Edition Sketchbook and One Artroll everyday! YES! You read it right!

Then every Saturday one lucky winner will win the much awaited Dotted Sketchbook plus an Artroll.

How to win? Follow and Like our social media page to keep you posted.

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Posted by Limelight on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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Review: Orven’s Cafe

March 16, 2018

Orven’s Cafe

Purok 6 No. 182 Sta. Rita Karsada, Batangas City
Contact number: 0942 563 2818
>> Facebook page <<

I have posted about some popular coffee shops here in Batangas before. My list is but the tip of the iceberg, as new ones pop up more and more frequently all over the province. I am all for trying these new places, and I do every now and then. So it’s a bit rare for me to keep coming back to any one particular place unless (1) I really do like the food, (2) the price is reasonable and (3) there’s parking space (fast-food chains don’t count as my daughter defaults to those whenever I ask her where to eat). I have been to Orven’s Cafe several times (for both dine-in and takeout orders), so that right there should tell you something.

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Review: Limelight Sketch Book

May 25, 2017
Limelight sketch book

Confession: This is a product of my hoarder tendencies in action. See, I already have an art journal, a ream of practice paper, a calligraphy practice notebook, a mini-tower of a memo pad, 2 dotted notebooks, and an extra planner which I also use for calligraphy practice. That is already more than enough. That is, in fact, already too much. *cringe* But no, when I saw this available at the local National Bookstore, I just had to get myself one or die of wanting.

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TonyMoly Dear Me Petite Cotton BB Cream SPF 30 PA++

June 11, 2013

There was a time when I was obsessed with BB creams. Thankfully, that phase has passed. So what am I doing buying yet another tube of the stuff? It’s Animetric’s fault really.. πŸ˜› Just kidding. But it was her review ofΒ this BB cream that convinced me to get one myself.

These days I am more into taking care of my skin than beautifying (naks!) so I go out with just sunblock, eyebrow pencil and maybe the occasional lip color. Not to say that I have perfect skin that does not need any cover-up, because my skin is pretty far from perfect as it is. I just am too lazy to bother with makeup. πŸ˜‰ But I have this soft spot for BB creams, so when my office mates decided to buy a tube each (they went for SkinFood Mushroom Multi-care BB Cream) I decided to get one myself. Gaya-gaya lang? πŸ˜› But I got a different BB cream:

TonyMoly Dear Me Petite Cotton BB Cream SPF 30 PA++TonyMoly Dear Me Petite Cotton BB Cream SPF 30 PA++

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