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2017 Personal Theme: Balance

By on December 19, 2016

First, a tiny review of my 2016 Personal Theme, which is Live Boldly. Was I able to apply it in real life? Well, not exactly all the time, but where it counts, then YES. I felt that I was able to do more things that made me happy. My solo travel pushed through (though I have yet to blog about it) and I was able to go more or less everywhere I intended to go. I learned new things and [literally] drove further out of my [literal] comfort zone (thank you Waze!). I generally don’t give a damn what others say right from the start, and I’m happy that that still holds up to now.

Now, my 2015 and 2016 personal themes were quite contradictory, what with one calling for less and the other for more. So this coming year, my personal theme would be kinda derived from the two. From one pole to the opposite, I now want temperance and moderation between the two. And that is why on 2017, I will strive for BALANCE.

There are a lot of things I want to achieve and do in the coming months, and I know that a lot of them would require some sacrifice one way or another; delayed gratitude, if you will. Something I am not exactly good at, and so I have to work hard for. Trips and experiences won’t pay for themselves, and that’s on top of the groceries, bills, tuition, etc. Time must be managed wisely, not just squandered on frivolity and narcissistic pursuits. You know the drill. Work hard so I can play hard as well. if not harder.

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2016 Personal Theme: Live Boldly

By on March 24, 2016

Now, this was a little late in coming, what with almost a quarter of the year almost done. But the thing is, it took a while for anything concrete to materialize as an underlying theme to guide my endeavors for the coming year months. But something finally popped up, all thanks to Will Traynor:

…live boldly. Push yourself. Don’t settle. Wear those stripy legs with pride.

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2015 Personal Theme: Minimalism

By on November 20, 2014

As the end of the year draws close, it’s about time to start thinking ahead and planning the coming year. Never too early to plan, yeah?

So as part of the planning process, I thought it prudent to find a running idea or theme to guide my decisions and actions for the whole of 2015. The idea struck me earlier as I was browsing the different 2015 planners at National Bookstore.

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