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Review: Orven’s Cafe

March 16, 2018

Orven’s Cafe

Purok 6 No. 182 Sta. Rita Karsada, Batangas City
Contact number: 0942 563 2818
>> Facebook page <<

I have posted about some popular coffee shops here in Batangas before. My list is but the tip of the iceberg, as new ones pop up more and more frequently all over the province. I am all for trying these new places, and I do every now and then. So it’s a bit rare for me to keep coming back to any one particular place unless (1) I really do like the food, (2) the price is reasonable and (3) there’s parking space (fast-food chains don’t count as my daughter defaults to those whenever I ask her where to eat). I have been to Orven’s Cafe several times (for both dine-in and takeout orders), so that right there should tell you something.

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Review: Granchi by Calda Pizza

May 27, 2013

So there’s a new pizza place nearby called Calda Pizza and pizza fiend that I am, I just have to try it out! 😀 For my first try, I went for a regular (10″) Granchi pizza which sells for P260. That’s tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, bacon, pepperoni, summer sausage and mushrooms. Quite a lot of toppings on paper, right? In real life:

Calda Pizza Granchi 2Granchi pizza by Calda Pizza – ★★★★☆

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I miss my appetite

September 3, 2011

There’s pizza in the house and I managed only one measly slice (it wasn’t even the biggest slice). There’s cake but I’m letting it go to waste. There’s a bar of chocolate and so far I have eaten all of two small squares. These here are my favorite food. What the hell is wrong with me? 😐

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Born snob?

August 27, 2011

Francine is one healthy kid with one healthy appetite as well. I breastfeed her, but we also feed her from the bottle since my milk flows too slowly for her liking sometimes (especially when she’s hungry). And at the tender age of less than a month, she already has a preference in feeding bottles:

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Semi-impromptu family outing

July 5, 2011

So last Sunday, our [extended] family went swimming at Villa Ronar Garden Resort & Hotel. A kinda impromptu affair since it wasn’t really planned. I mean, we were just talking about it Saturday night during dinner and no one was really sure if it would push through, but it actually did. Mostly because of the kids who (naturally) got very excited at the prospect of swimming–I guess the oldies didn’t have the heart to dampen their spirits, even when our original destination turned out unavailable on Sunday morning so we ended up at Villa Ronar.

Anywho, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking (click on the pictures to view them on a larger scale):

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