Like I said in my previous post, I won a lovely pointed pen set during the Inks & Colors: CPH Meet. Included were an oblique wooden nib holder, a Blanzy-France Sergent-Major Superieure 2500 nib, and a jar of sumi ink. The whole set was generously sponsored by SEVEN DAYS OF WORK, a Las Piñas-based supplier of affordable hand-crafted nib holders. Check out some of their gorgeous works:


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***Swipe to left to see gallery*** SUGAR MADNESS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: 1.) Bubble Gum-SOLD Body Length: 140mm 2.) Peppermint Chews-SOLD Body Length: 140mm 3.) Jaw Breaker-SOLD Body Length: 130mm 4.) Gum Drop (Red)-SOLD Body Length: 127mm 5.) Marshmallow-SOLD Body Length: 130mm 6.) Gum Drop (Green)-SOLD Body Length: 140mm — All pens from these series are ergonomic right oblique with fixed Bullock style flange and costs Php1,000 each. Shipping fee NOT included. Hand carved acacia wood. These also are hand-painted and clear coated, and are made to fit a tripod grip. DM for inquiries. 🙂 — #handcarved #handpainted  #obliquepenholderph #obliquepenph #obliquepensph #handmadeph #handmadepen #handpainted #dippen #calligraphyph #calligraphybn #calligraphyphilippines #craftsph #copperplateph #sevendaysofwork #sugarmadness #sweet #loveph #gift #pink #artsph

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The one I got was simple, sturdy oblique holder perfect for a beginner like me. The wooden handle is light and smooth, and feels good in my hand. Though made for right-handed users, it feels comfortable in my left hand as well (I am a lefty). I’ve been practicing since I got it and it’s starting to feel natural in my grip, dextral (right-handed) orientation notwithstanding.

SEVEN DAYS OF WORK oblique nib holder
Pointed pen set

These are some of the drills I’ve been doing for practice using the oblique holder and Blanzy-France nib. Not the most consistent I’ve done but not too bad for total pointed pen newbie, I think.

oblique pen drills

Here I tried the holder with the only other nib I have at the moment, the vintage Penna Lancia E.F. N. 920 nib. Like the other one, this nib fits snugly in the flange. There’s no movement or wobbling no matter how much pressure I use when writing.

seven days of work calligraphy

Like I said, I am sinistral or left-handed. So aside from the usual steep learning curve, that makes pointed pen calligraphy doubly harder for me. What I do is think of this as maliit na bagay (no big deal) to condition my mind and by extension, the rest of my body, into making the transition easier. What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve, right? That, and lots of practice, of course. 😉

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