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Google, find my phone

May 26, 2015

So ako na nga ang huli sa balita (ng isang buwan!) at ngayon ko lang nalaman to. 😛 Apparently, you can now find your Android phone through Google, similar to Apple’s own ‘Find my iPhone’ feature. All you need is a browser and your logged-in Google account (obviously the same one logged-in in your Android phone). BUT. The GPS and Wifi/mobile data must be active on the Android phone you’re trying to find in order for it to be located by Google.

I tried it earlier while at the office. I was able to quite accurately locate the phone (just beside me) then ring it up. Interesting to note that it rings loudly even if it’s on silent mode. From my testing, the result has less margin of error when located using mobile data than when using WiFi. Look:

Android find my phone
located using WiFi
located using mobile data
located using mobile data

This has the potential to be quite useful… if your phone is always online with its GPS turned on. Which is not exactly the usual scenario, at least with me. Though my data’s always on, I hardly ever turn on the GPS. In which case, the chance of Google locating it, if at all, is pretty slim. Tsk. Too bad.
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  1. Nice post, sis! I will never know that I can locate my phone using google if I didn’t saw your blog. Thank you for sharing! By the way, your blog looks even better now. It’s my first time to drop by on your blog after soooooo many months of blogging hiatus. 🙂

    1. Thanks sis! 😀 I thought the feature was pretty neat and definitely worth sharing. Could help out others with the same forgetful tendencies that I have. 😛

      I was on hiatus for some months too; I have only been semi-regularly bloggng this past week or so. 😉

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