image…and my hair looks like this.

Sulit na ang digiperm ko. 😉 No, I did not color my hair; that’s just the lighting giving it highlights and that bronze-ish tint. And it doesn’t always look that ayos either; it’s usually one great tangled mess. Blame it on me and my lazy ways, not always conditioning my hair as I used to. Oh well.

Still, I’m pretty chuffed that my hair actually held the curls this long. Though the curls are more like mermaid waves than actual curls by this time. And my flat straight hair has grown much so that now only the lower half has style. And I didn’t even realize until I saw this photo that my hair has reached down to my waist once more. Yay for long hair! 😀

splat siggy

2 thoughts on “A Year After Digiperm

    1. Thanks Meca! 🙂 I can only wish it always looks this *good* so I don’t get into thinking about cutting it off when I get frustrated by all the tangles. 😉

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