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BPI Bankers Online logoBPI Bankers Online Android App is for you if you’re anything like me who would rather make simple inquiries online than through phone calls or face to face with a banking officer and you’re, like, surgically attached to your mobile like me. It’s actually not new, but I only recently discovered it so please bear with me and my delayed excitement. 😛 Anywho. I find it quite convenient (especially if you’re on a data plan since you need a working data connection) though the replies are not as instantaneous as with the other means.

But wait, hold up, what is BPI Bankers Online again? From the app description:

BPI Bankers Online is a free service provided by Bank of the Philippine Islands to provide financial advice to users. Select from an array of bankers with expertise in money management who can help you reach your financial goals through one-on-one conversations with an easy to use app.
BPI Bankers Online is not a transactional platform, thus we strongly discourage users from posting account-related information. Any customer service request that require disclosure of account information shall be referred to the appropriate unit of the BPI Contact Center for processing.
Advice from the BPI Bankers Online should not be understood as the sole basis of a financial decision.

There are several bankers to “talk” to for different specific needs, but if you’re not sure where to categorize your inquiry, then Help Desk is your safest bet. 😉

I have so far made one inquiry and the response time is a few hours at least. My first inquiry was sent at 1:50 pm and the reply came at 5:16 pm the same day. Next, I sent another message at 9:23 pm and got a reply at 8:43 am the next day. Not instantaneous like I said, then again I am hardly the only customer they’re dealing with so the lag is well within reason.

Aside from making inquiries, you can also set up a bank appointment through the app but I will make a separate post for that later.

P. S. How do you like my new post disclaimer above? It’s actually a bit too dainty and princess-like to really suit me or my personality but I like it nonetheless. 🙂

2 thoughts on “BPI Bankers Online Android App

  1. Great app. Gusto yung appointment feature dahil laging mahaba pila dun sa branch ng account ko. Anyway, hindi sya masyadong dainty, kung pink siguro, parang etude house na. 😀

    1. Well, it is pretty dainty for me and my edgy boyish tendencies. 😛 I have tried the appointment feature pero so far, parang hindi pa polished talaga. Pag na-complete ko na experience, will blog about it.

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