Tmart purchases

So my Tmart purchases just arrived the other day, almost exactly a month after I ordered. Sure took its time getting here, but at least I did not get charged P50 by the postman. 😀 Unfortunately, one of the ear cuffs was broken when it got here:

broken ear cuffBummer. I really liked this, plus it’s silver so it’s easier to pair with just about any color outfit (not that I am into colorful clothes anyway). 🙁 Oh well. At least the other one survived intact. Here it is when worn:

dragon ear cuffdragon ear cuff back viewdragon ear cuff when wornPlease don’t mind the haggard face. 😛

Can I just say that I love it? It’s just so me, you know? Plus they’re perfect for spicing up my usually drab plain outfits. Now I’m looking forward to collecting ear cuffs, God help me. 😀

How about you, do you like ear cuffs too? What other type of costume jewelry do you collect?

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