p365-034For all my whining and ranting about my high glucose level, I was really surprised when I tested myself this morning and got this result. Granted, I woke up just for this and have not eaten anything yet so I was expecting a low score. But not this low though. Not that I’m complaining. 😉

Last night was a different story though. I was cheating on my diet practically all day since we were at my cousin’s for their fiesta and the baby’s Christening. So yeah, there were lots of food , and of the restricted kinds too. I had waaaay more than the half-cup of rice my doctor instructed, plus greasy lumpiang Shanghai, kaldereta and heaps and heaps of delicious nearly-still-frozen fruit salad. And we had some green mangoes too, with soy sauce and vinegar dip. And I still ate a good portion of spaghetti before leaving, plus some more of that darned delicious fruit salad.

Clearly I was expecting a sky-high result come nightfall and I had to test my glucose level. But to my complete surprise, I registered only 87. What so you make of that, eh? Again, not that I am complaining. Far from it actually. 😀

Not that I am taking chances, but at least I do not have to cultivate guilty feelings about having an extra slice of bread or a very small bite of chocolate whenever I feel hunger pangs. Whoo! Love it!


2 thoughts on “Day 34: Surprise!

  1. Hello dear! Thanks for the visit. Wait, do you have diabetes? You know, I had GDM or gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with my daughter so I can totally relate. I know how hard it is to go on a “diabetes diet”. I guess you are doing fine tho. Cheers!

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