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Of ghosts, rudeness and being happy

July 2, 2010

There was much excitement and thrill of horror at work today because of the “little boy ghost” that manifested itself to some operators at work last night. According to the story, the little guy under the inspection table kept poking the shin of one operator but was ignored and so went on to sit at the feet of the next one, comfortable leaning on her legs. The girl did indeed felt her legs becoming sore because of the “weight” of the little boy sitting on them. One of the guys actually talked to the apparition, and the it talked back saying that it just wanted to play. The operator then told him they can’t play because they were working. At this, the lights at their production line started switching on and off by themselves. Moments later, their electric fan mysteriously switched off too. The two girls who were at the inspection table were at the clinic this morning, practically in tears as they told their story to the company nurse. Needless to say, a lot of people were spooked.

Anywho, someone posted a really nasty comment on one of my past blog entries. I have no idea who that person is, other than he/she is a big coward since the comment was posted anonymously and with an obviously fake email address. At first I didn’t know how to react. I felt like I just got bitch-slapped. The tigress in me wanted to retort with a comment so scathing and a hundred times more rude that the commenter would want to just crawl into the farthest cave and wish he/she had never been born. And for a moment, I nearly did just that. Good thing a shred of decency tugged at me at the last minute, and I replied with much less venom than what I would have done prior to that. And I really am happy about that.

See, lately I have been living out this simple principle in life: Happiness is a choice I have to make for myself. A lot of things happen everyday, some good and some bad. There are factors and circumstances beyond my control, but which affect me just the same. There are just two options then: sulk about it or adapt. I choose to be flexible and just deal with whatever comes my way with a smile and/or a laugh. Doing so makes whatever obstacle that much easier to bear. There’s always something to be happy and grateful for. As for that rude commenter, it just means someone hated me enough to take the time and effort to at least browse my blog and type a comment. Who wouldn’t be flattered? =p

  1. hay naku mam nagpapansin lan mga yan sa iyo. kung babae yan inggit, kung lalaki my crush. tingin ko kakilala mo yan.


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