So this is turning out to be a bridal blog.. not. My life just happens to be so boring that these wedding details make up nearly all the excitement nowadays. Oh well.

Anywho. So from ordering my dream black and white (or in this case, black and ivory) wedding dress back in September, we were expecting it to be done by mid-January. To our surprise, David’s Bridal notified me that my dress was ready for pickup a coupla weeks ago. That is, more than a whole month early. Oh, and I only had 14 days to pick up the dress, otherwise it would be considered abandoned merchandise at the store.

The Panic and the Crash Diet

Remember that I ordered Petite size 4, despite my hubby and father-in-law urging me to go one size larger (6P). And between the time we ordered and the time I got the notification email, I gained maybe a couple more pounds. Not good at all. So naturally, I panicked. I need to fit into that dress. And so my desperate crash diet began. I initially planned to live off of coffee and yogurt until the pickup/alterations appointment, but of course, like all good plans, life got in the way and what actually happened was me ending up doing intermittent fasting instead, again.

Thankfully, come appointment day, I did fit into the dress. Yay me! In fact, I kinda overshot with my slimming down and the dress actually ended up a bit loose. I couldn’t quite believe it at first, but the proof was in all the tucking and pinning. I had a sweet moment of vindication when I showed the dress to the hubby and gave him a big “I told you I’d fit into the dress!” grin.

wedding dress loose bodiceSee how loose the bodice was?

The (Sorta) Bad News

Despite my intent not to have any alterations on the dress, it ended up happening (and costing) anyway. For one, despite the petite sizing, the hem was still too long for me. Especially since I won’t be wearing heels. So the dress needed to be hemmed, as well as the two petticoat slips. Yes, I’ll be using two because my mom-in-law wanted the skirt really poofy and one petticoat just wasn’t cutting it.

drowning in wedding dress layersI was drowning in fabric, can you tell?

Another alteration was the bustle. The dress has a train, and it had to be put up after the ceremony so I could move around more easily. Oh, and the bodice of course. Since I lost weight, it had to be taken in a bit more so the dress would fit me like a glove and stay securely in place. Here is the dress in all its poofed, pinned and tucked glory:

wedding dress bustle

In the end, I was pretty happy with the dress. It was as I wanted: bridal and romantic, yet edgy and a bit unconventional. Perfect with my boots too. We’ll be picking it up in a month, and yes, hopefully the fit would be perfect. I just need to maintain my weight and/or measurements. Keeping my fingers crossed for that.

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