2020 is finally over, so Happy New Year! Welcome 2021, and please be better than 2020…

And in the spirit of new beginnings, I decided to make a 2021 bullet journal despite my current shortage of things and events to actually plan. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? So yeah, it’s just a very simple setup. The cover page is a bare minimalist as you please. My Future Log is a one-page Alastair format (though I did leave the back page blank in case I need more space). I decided to forego the Monthly page in favor of just doing the Daily Logs in my usual running task format. And.. that’s pretty much it at the moment.

In other news…

The hubby will start working (again) on Saturday. I will miss him. I mean, we were together literally 24/7 for more than 9 months; his furlough started exactly when I got here. So I guess you could say we had three quarters of a year’s worth of extended honeymoon (at home)? Not bad, when you look at it like that..

Meanwhile, I still cannot work as my EAD is taking forever. It has been half a year since we applied for it and up to now, I don’t even have a biometrics appointment. This despite several calls and requests for such. I dunno if my local ASC has stopped working or what. It’s really hella depressing, to be honest.


  • Watching: Blindspot (season 2)
  • Reading: A Sky Beyond the Storm
  • Craving: nothing in particular

That’s all for now. Hopefully, I get more good news next time I post. And again, Happy New Year!


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