Because even the *planner* must be planned. 😅😂

Only a few days of the year left, and I am only just now starting my 2020 Bullet Journal. To be perfectly honest, I pretty much stopped updating my not-so-current one halfway into the year. And though there were times when it would have been useful, it still wasn’t quite enough to motivate me to keep using it. 

This Copelle Gold edition dotted undated diary is something I’ve been wanting for a long time. I found it a bit expensive, so when National Book Store had that storewide sale, I finally grabbed one. It was only a 10% discount, but savings are savings, yeah? Anywho. It looks quite lovely paired with my trusty turquoise Pilot Metropolitan (inked with Diamine Marine). I think I have planner peace at last.

2020 will bring about some pretty drastic changes, and I would definitely need to be organized if I want to have any hope of keeping up. This is why a new bullet journal is a must. And planning it, even more important. The structure must motivate me to write down my goals and things to do, and actually stick to them. Just need to exert a little more effort, squeeze out a little more brain juice, and I know I can do this. 💪


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