After that painful fall (pun intended) of my beloved Pilot Metropolitan, I couldn’t bear to just throw it away. Replacing the nib and/section was my only option, since getting the nib repaired would cost more than the pen itself. And as much as I love it to bits, I am not so carefree with my money as to go through with that option.

So last week, I ordered another Pilot Metropolitan from Everything Calligraphy. Despite intending to just get the nib, I got another color I liked just the same. I went for the purple Metropolitan Retropop. To avail of the free shipping, I threw in a black Pilot 78G with F nib as well.

My order arrived earlier. I completely forgot that the nib/section from the 78G could fit the Metropolitan’s body as well; it turned out to be a good thing that I got that extra pen instead of more ink samples. So instead of cannibalizing the purple Metro, the 78G got sacrificed instead. Which is actually serendipitous since it turned out I didn’t much like the feel of the 78G’s light plastic body.

So my turquoise Metro now has a gold-colored nib, and it obviously doesn’t look like it used to before. But I’m okay with the distinction from how it used to look. At least, its looks will now remind of its bittersweet history.

But does it write?

Pilot Metropolitan with 78G F nib

Based on this on-the-fly pen test, it does. However, compared to the Metro’s [original] F nib, the 78G’s F nib lays down a much finer line. I’m still not used to it. I’m not even sure if that’s really how it writes; for all I know I still need to write more to break in(?) the nib.

Right now, I’m just happy I can use my fountain pen again..


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