Just to be clear, I am in no way collecting fountain pens. Like, seriously collecting them. Even if I started buying last month and now have seven of them… 🙈

In my defense though, I only buy the affordable but decent quality ones. 😜 Which is why I have three Wing Sung 3008 pens (I actually had four but I gave away sold one to a friend), a Jinhao x750 with a G nib, a Jinhao x450 with a G nib, a Pilot Metropolitan Retropop, plus a couple more from a veteran FP collector I met at a local FP group.  Oh, and there’s another one with an italic nib from the lettering & calligraphy set from my guy (thanks again! 😘). That is all too much already, so I’ll stop buying any more (for this year anyway 😝).

Anywho, this post is dedicated to the Pilot and the matching ink I got especially for it. Before I ever even heard of the Wing Sung, the fountain pen I really wanted was the turquoise Pilot Metropolitan, for several reasons: (1) I trust the quality of any product from the Japanese brand Pilot; (2) I fell in love with the color of the turquoise Retropop; and (3) it is relatively affordable for something of that quality.

This would have been my first fountain pen if only it had been available at the local National Bookstore. Unfortunately, the fountain pen they had was a black one, and the turquoise a rollerball. So much frustration that time when I was so ready to buy one, I swear. 😫 Sure, the exact pen I wanted was available online, but they were actually more expensive than if I did buy from NBS. So when someone posted a new one for sale on a local FP group and it was even cheaper than at NBS, I grabbed the chance. I received it a coupla days after. And it was even lovelier in person! 😍

turquoise Pilot Metropolitan

I knew when I bought this that I wanted to ink it with a matching color. After searching online and going through the available inks at Everything Calligraphy, I considered Diamine Soft MintDiamine Steel Blue, and Diamine Marine; I picked the last one because to me it looks just right compared to the other two. I had to wait another day for the delivery of the ink, but it was so worth it when I was finally able to try them together! 😍

Here are samples of my chicken scratch handwriting on my Rhodia dot pad and regular copy paper.


Diamine Marine on Rhodia dot pad Diamine Marine on regular copy paper Diamine Marine on planner
in practical use, drafting an exam 😉

I am pretty happy with this pen and ink combo. It’s part of my everyday carry, and I love writing with it wherever. So far I’m pretty satisfied with my current crop of fountain pens so I don’t see myself buying more in the near future. Other ink colors for the other pens though, is another matter altogether… 😝


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