Last week, I had the privilege of being invited to a local bloggers’ event. The invitation came from the lovely Ms. Betchie of Mommy QueenElizabeth, the details of which could be found on the photo above. I haven’t updated my blog in a while, but I figured it could use the additional content from the happenings at the event; that, and I wanted to meet other local bloggers as well. So I gratefully accepted her invitation.

A little background about Nails.Glow

NAILS.Glow Nails and Body Spa is a holistic spa that expands and aspires to be a one-stop all-around service salon. They take pride in offering not only luxurious yet easy-on-the-pocket treatments and services to both hands and feet, but also includes the face and whole body. They recently opened their newest branch at Xentro Mall Batangas City.

NAILS.Glow Xentro Mall Batangas City

They have nearly 100 branches all over the country today and one in Saudi Arabia. As a spa that continues to expand and grow, they are striving to secure a strong presence in all community malls in the country and the local neighborhood. Currently, they are aggressively penetrating the Southern Tagalog area by putting up branches through their franchise business program.

Nadine Lustre for NAILS.Glow

Services offered

Click on a photo to zoom in:

Blog event Early Birds

I arrived at NAILS.Glow early, because, you know. Excited much. 🤩 The only other participant also that early was TIKYA of Barako.PH (though I didn’t know her yet at the time, reclusive person that I am 😅). Ms. Betchie welcomed us even if they were still setting up (we were pretty early after all). Since we had the place all to ourselves at the moment, we took the opportunity to check out the cozy interiors.

A look inside

Upon entering NAILS.Glow, you’ll feel the warm, chill vibes of the place. One look at the comfy seats lined along the wall and you know you’ll be having a relaxing time. Everything is nice and clean, which is always  requisite in a spa.

And can I just say that I love the decor? These dainty details totally add some chic factor to the spa experience:

And here’s a brief panorama video of the interior:

Blogger’s SPArty (at last!)

The event proper started with a prayer, and then opening remarks by Ms. Betchie. In attendance were yours truly, DJ George of 99.1 Spirit FM, Tikya and Krista of Barako.PH, Andrea of The Aranasays, Rubie of iamsweetbie and Jobelle of Myxilog.

Ala Eh Bloggers


Then came the highlight of the event: the pampering session! We were each given a complimentary service of our choice; I opted for a Basic Hand Spa with Manicure. It was a nice experience and I would have enjoyed it more had I not been in a rush to get back to the office. 😅

Oh, and they prepared a spread of yummy snack as well from Octadix Diner. The carbonara is really good, and I vowed to myself that I’d go there sometime in the near future if only for that pasta dish. 😍

Blogger's SPArty food

Here’s a video of the event, from the NAILS.Glow FB page:

Exclusive Blogger's SPArty

August 13, 2018Thank you Batangas Bloggers for gracing NAILS.Glow Batangas City Branch first SPA Party!

Posted by Nails Dot Glow Batangas on Saturday, 18 August 2018

There were some shots of me in the video having my hands/nails service, and let me assure you that I enjoyed it though I looked like I didn’t. 😂 So sorry for that! I am not photogenic in the first place, and there’s the bad combination of (1) Resting Bitch Face and (2) thoughts of the work awaiting me when I get back to the office working against my favor. 🤣 And one more photo op with our gracious hostess before finally leaving:

blackshirt13 with Mommy QueenElizabeth

NAILS.Glow Batangas City family

Thank you so much to the NAILS.Glow Batangas City Branch family for this wonderful experience! 💖


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