Sometime before, I posted a review of the Limelight [plain] Sketch Book. I ended that review with a wish that they would make dotted notebooks as well. And lo and behold! 🎉 Back in January, they posted a teaser video for their much-wished-for Limelight Sketch Book dotted notebook:


Due to insistent public demand, we bring you Limelight Dotted Sketchbook ⬇⬇⬇⬇

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Then every Saturday one lucky winner will win the much awaited Dotted Sketchbook plus an Artroll.

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Posted by Limelight on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

You can imagine how excited I was, as well as the local Bullet Journal groups, at that announcement. However, that teaser remained a teaser for the next few months, as Limelight never really announced when they’d be available commercially (no the giveaways, don’t count). 😞 So it was a wait and see situation… until last week.

A member of one group posted that she bought one of the famed dotted notebooks. Meaning, it was already available for retail! 😱 Excited BuJo enthusiasts quickly went searching at their nearest NBS and Pandayan Bookshop. Ay syempre, magpapahuli pa ga tayo? Hala, hanap din ako no! 😁 Went to the two NBS branches here last week, as well as Pandayan. Sadly, they didn’t have stocks of the dotted notebooks yet. Bigo ang lola nyo. 😭

So anyway, I had my braces adjusted earlier. I had informed the office beforehand that I’ll be back at lunch, and since I finished early, I decided to make the most of it and dropped by Pandayan. Nagbabakasakali ba. 😉 And wouldn’t you know it, I found a Limelight Sketch Book dotted notebook with the dark green cover! I quickly went through the stacks to see if other colors were available as I wasn’t keen on having a green notebook, but it appeared to be the only one. So I approached the staff, and they went looking for other stocks. They even remembered that I was the same person looking for those notebooks last week. 😁 Aside from the green one, they only have the red and dark blue, no black and grey. I opted for the more subdued dark blue instead of the bright red notebook.

So how, was the Limelight Sketch Book dotted notebook in actual? Is it really worth the hype?

Cover, Elastic, and Back Pocket

Limelight Sketch Book Dotted Notebook

The cover is different from that of the plain sketch book I reviewed before. The dotted’s cover feels flatter/not padded, and there’s a kinda mildly rough texture which I like, as it won’t attract fingerprints and such. The elastic is of similar color to the cover although a bit too loose for my liking. It feels like it would lose its elasticity with a few hard tugs, but that remains to be seen.

Limelight Sketch Book Dotted Notebook back pocket

Just like with the plain sketch book, this one also has a back pocket. The sides are made of stiff fabric, so that should help this last longer than if it had been made completely with thick paper/cardstock.

Paper Quality and Pen Test

To start with, the dotted paper is a whopping 120 gsm thick and is a bright ivory(?) color. Much thicker, whiter and brighter than the paper of my current Victoria’s Journals bullet journal, which pleases me to no end. Yeah, even if it only has 20 more pages than my current one. 😜 Dot spacing is 5 mm and grid squares are 26 crosswise and 38 lengthwise, more than enough even for daily trackers.

So anyway, excited person that I am, I of course had to do a Pen Test ASAP. However, I only have a few pens and highlighters in my bag, since I only bring those which I use for the week. Here are the pens and highlighters I used:

Limelight Sketch Book Dotted Notebook pen test Limelight Sketch Book Dotted Notebook pen test back Limelight Sketch Book Dotted Notebook pen test back zoomed
kinda hard to photograph the ghosting of the Tombow Fudenosuke

I am quite pleased to note that there’s very minimal ghosting, even with the Tombow. And yeah, no bleeding as well. I have so far only tested one fountain pen, but it held up very well. I’m hoping it would be able to handle the others with thicker nibs. I will update once I have tried those as well.

Would I recommend it?

For its asking price of just ₱209.75, I’d say this is pretty good value for your money. Quality is good from cover to cover, and the paper [seems] fountain pen friendly as well. A great option for bullet journaling. 👍


Full Disclosure:
There are affiliate links on this post. I may get a small commission if you buy through that link, but that’s at no extra cost to you. Happy shopping!

3 thoughts on “Initial Review: Limelight Sketch Book Dotted Notebook

  1. Thank you for reviewing it,I was having second thoughts on using it because I wasn’t aware of anyone using limelight for BuJo. Now, I think I want to give it a try for 2019 BuJo

    1. I’ve been using the limelight sketchbook for two consecutive BUJO already. I opted for this one for my first attempt at BUJOing because I don’t want to waste my money on a more expensive journal if ever BUJOing will not work for me. This is great for BUJOing for beginners and pros alike.

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