I have not posted here for the longest time about bullet journaling, despite the fact that I still am doing that up to now. Amazing, really. I have never really stuck with any sort of planner for this long–almost the whole year now, just whoa! I guess I can finally say I’ve found planner peace?

Anyway, the thing is I’m happily planning to continue with this system until the next year (which is just a few short weeks away!). And, to level up a bit, I will no longer be using a pre-printed planner, but a nice new dotted notebook from Victoria’s Journals! Excited person that I am, I have already started doing some of the pages. One such page I just finished and would like to share is this Fuzzy Logic Mood Tracker:

fuzzy logic mood tracker

This is my version of the popular Year in Pixels. It’s kinda hard to judge my my moods as “slightly happy” or “kinda sad” so I just used fuzzy logic as a standard measurement of how high or down I feel during most of the day. Also as a nod to my college/graduate degree. 

What is fuzzy logic anyway? According to Wikipedia:

Fuzzy logic is a form of many-valued logic in which the truth values of variables may be any real number between 0 and 1. It is employed to handle the concept of partial truth, where the truth value may range between completely true and completely false. … Furthermore, when linguistic variables are used, these degrees may be managed by specific (membership) functions.

It’s basically just assigning values per degree relative to how true or false certain data are. Or in my case, how high or how low I feel during most of the day. I’ve assigned colors per value, ranging from gold (highest or +2) to black (lowest or -2). I also made a small table to summarize each month to gauge my moods and get a better hold on my sanity.

This is just one of the many features/collections I’m planning to put on my 2018 Bullet Journal. I have a couple more that are already finished but they’re private stuff so I’m not posting them anytime soon. But there’s still several that I’m working on that I’m excited to share here as well. Hopefully I can blog about them sooner rather than later. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Fuzzy Logic Mood Tracker

  1. I suppose when one is going to put a mark or score on how one feels, then it can be very hard. I think it is difficult because emotion cannot be measured. Having said that, from experience, we have a fundamental understanding of how we feel. Furthermore, we should also have a good idea of what extreme happiness or sadness feels like. Hence, a five-point scale makes sense. What is fuzzy then becomes clearer. If it is me, then I would not often have marks on the extreme ends. Mostly, it will be in the middle (neutral) with most deviations going north or south but rarely to the ends. It is because emotion is relative, not absolute.

  2. I am probably one of those who owns a planner but merely writes on it. Yet, this fuzzy logic mood tracker is interesting to do with a journal or planner. I am really intrigued by the idea of tracking via fuzzy logic. I wonder color will dominate coz like you I’m usually not sure if I’m happy or sad most of the time.

  3. Fuzzy Logic on feelings in a bullet journal? I’m taking you went from not being able to keep up a planner to getting to this point of calculating feelings! I’m amazed, I don’t think I could ever get to this level of planning. Or Journaling for that matter.

  4. That is a unique way of rating oneself. But how wonder how honest can be in this exercise.
    Also what purpose will it serve. Anyways looking forward to your subsequent posts on this.

  5. Would love to read your blog about your bullet journalizing. I have read a number about it but still can’t figure it out clearly. I got a planner for 2018 and when I flipped through the pages, it has graphs like that.

  6. Victoria Journals? Aren’t they quite expensive? How’s their paper?

    Anyway, this is the first time I’ve heard about fuzzy logic and it got me a little bit fuzzy also. I got confused. Though, I have a grasp that it’s used to track mood. Though, I could imagine my chart going to always zero. Hahaha! Nevertheless, people who do bullet journaling are industrious. Right?

  7. I had no idea what fuzzy logic was until I have read your post. I guess it is indeed very hard to rate how you feel. The same as the doctors I suppose, when they ask you to choose a number from 1 to 10 to asses the pain you are feeling. How can you do that if you have never felt 10 before for example? It’s interesting that you are keeping a mood journal. I have never thought about doing something like this before.

  8. This is interesting. You can track those times when you’re feeling up or down. Though feelings are subjective, but if you are going to put it on a journal, I guess it becomes objective to somebody else? I think this is a good idea for self improvement.

  9. wow this is really interesting… for someone like me who suffers from depression and constant mood swings… i guess this fuzzy logic can be very useful..
    I just wonder how much this will help a person in general? Let’s say you tracked your mood for the whole month and you noticed that you were down most of the days… what action do you usually do?
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful concept… would love to know more about it

  10. The only other time I had read about Fuzzy Logic was when there was a range of refrigerators that had some intelligence. While logic and mood do not go hand in hand but it seems there is some logic in determining the moods. One of those brainy blogs that tickle your intellectual cells. Hope to read you more often.

  11. Something new to me. I’m no planning expert since I am just noting what I want to do on my planner. Discovering this today reminds me of getting a new planner for this year. This will be a great addition on its pages.

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