Expenses are a necessary evil. I mean, who really wants to go around throwing money away, right? But bills have to be paid, food must be bought.. you know the drill. I will be the first to admit that I suck at money management so half the time I have no clear idea where my salary went and end up short. And so when there are unexpected expenses, I barely manage to get by.

So this coming year, I want to be on top of my finances. It’s gonna take serious effort and some creative planning, but with the envelop budgeting system firmly in place and careful logging on my BuJo, I should be able to actually do it. To supplement the envelop system, I borrowed Kara of Boho Berry‘s Savings Goals Tracker from here. Once again, I made the table on the computer, meticulously measured and scaled to fit my BuJo as another Dutch door attachment. ?

savings tracker sample

Basically, each box represents P200 saved towards the particular fund. This amount can or may vary depending on your need, but said amount fits my needs nicely. I found it helpful to put in the dates when I’ll be needing the money for that particular fund. How this works is as I save up a certain amount of money, I shade the corresponding number of boxes. So for example, if I saved P2,000 for the first fund and P1,400 for the second, I will shade 10 and 7 boxes respectively, like this:

savings tracker partially shaded

I like that this is a visual reminder wherein I can tell at a glance if I’m doing good on my goals or lagging behind. I am totally making another set or two for my other saving goals. ?

For the first time since I can remember, I actually feel excited for the process of saving up, not just the end-goal of why I’m saving. Why did I never encounter this and bullet journaling before?! I would have saved a hell of a lot of money if I’d had this system in place before.

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