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Lately I have been playing around with a bit of art. Some brush calligraphy here, a little watercolor there. You may even have noticed them in my last few posts.

And somehow, my hyperactive daughter (in her own flitting fashion) got interested too. She actually has a decent kiddie watercolor set from way before; she uses it every now and then when the mood strikes. But seeing me everyday with my own coloring supplies (drawing pens, gel pens, brush pens and watercolor), she wanted to work with me too.

We’ve had our artambay (art•tambay) sessions at home a coupla times now. We usually use our watercolors. Last night though, prompted by the green dress I drew, she asked me draw another dress for her to color. I am only too happy to oblige.

Now, she wanted to color her dress pink. Unfortunately enough, I am using a very basic watercolor without that color. So Mommy had to improvise; that is, mix colors. The pink was easy enough make with the red and white. We used the flesh color I mixed last again, for the skin.

I really enjoyed mixing colors. In fact, that lovely pale blue green I used for the dress last time was a mix of green, blue and white. I look forward to making up new colors and variations, to be used for future artambays. ☺

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